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  1. I feel like if we win this series, it's gotta be in 4 games - Atlanta SP is so fucked after Fried and Anderson (holy crap we gotta be so favored game 3) and definitely don't want to face Fried again in game 5. And between Fried and Anderson, I think we are more likely to steal this one - we're better against LHP and they haven't seen Sandy yet this year. I think this is the most important game in the series for us - if we can steal it, I'm a lot more confident about us winning. Let's do it boys
  2. Man, Jose’s death was a nail in the coffin for me in following baseball Started again because of COVID, bittersweet that they make the playoffs today. Watching this season reminded me so much of 06. Can’t wait to see what these Youngbloods can do
  3. There's a rather largggggggge difference between Taiwanese and Chinese. While there's generally large animosity between east Asian cultures, I would assume that would be one of the few that there isn't due to anti-communist sentiments post WW2.
  4. Oh word. The way the first sentence is worded made it sound like he was part of the coaching shake up
  5. Firing bonds would be so dumb. The marlins don't hit for power because it's a line up of slap hitters. Prado/Dee/Hech/Realmuto/Ichiro are suddently going to be taught to have the strength for HRs? Out of our top 9 hitters in PA, only 1 had a ISO above 200 (Stanton) and only two more were above 150 (Yelich and Ozuna). We had just as many guys with sub-100 ISOs as we did with >150 ISOs (Ichiro, Dee, Hech). Maybe, just maybe, if you construct a team with players that can't hit for power, your team won't hit for power. Plus the problem was pitching anyway, because most of those guys add value in other areas like defense. The only positional guys that really "hurt" them were Hech (who could have a bounce back year considering his crash in BABIP) and Chris Johnson being the first guy off the bench (how did that last all season?) We had two relievers with a higher WAR than our best SP not named Jose, which is pretty hilarious http://www.fangraphs.com/leaders.aspx?pos=all&stats=pit&lg=all&qual=0&type=8&season=2016&month=0&season1=2016&ind=0&team=20&rost=0&age=0&filter=&players=0 No Jose and this is among the worst rotations in baseball going with in house options (with no ability to trade for a starter and no good starters as FA). They have no realistic chance of competing next year, they had no realistic chance of competing this year when they failed to upgrade the rotation (not that they could anyway), and there is no farm system for future years (and they tragically lost the one piece they were going to use to restock it). There is no denying Squalls point - the future is bleak, and that's already holding onto the longest active streak finish with a losing season and second longest playoff drought. It comes down to praying for Loria to sell after the all star game, and a good owner who'll make good highers coming in.
  6. Yeah, it's the prudent thing to do but I don't think you can rebuild this offseason. It'd be a sucker punch to a fan base that can't breathe. They would need a lot just to get back to be a .500 team, but I think you're in a position where you have to try. And they can still blow it up in July
  7. 3am boating accident makes me think alcohol was involved, which adds anger to the sadness :/
  8. dWAR takes position into account. You're not going to find many 1b with a positive dWAR, because that's where you put bad defensive players. It's more apt to compare him only to other 1b
  9. Bour is not going to have value in a trade. He's old without a great track record - he was awesome in 60 games this year, but wasn't all that hot last year and doesn't have an impressive minor league history prior. But he has good value to us because he did have an awesome 250 PA this year and you see if you can hold on to that. He's the kind of player you want to have around because it's inexpensive potential, but he's not the kind of player you give up value for. Him not being able to hit lefties doesn't matter. You want a RH corner bat on your bench anyway. You're grossly overstating his defensive issues and he's closer to average (-2 career uzr/150). Injury concerns don't mean much because he's making the minimum next year. And if he gets injured, your boy Scruggs can fill in. But strait up replacing him with Scruggs is redic.
  10. I'm not reading this whole thread but this to me is the major problem. And I don't mean Mike Hill, I meant the front office since Loria has been here (and the general consensus is that Loria meddles a lot). You can tell by the moves they make they have no serious plan in place to execute. They preach things like ground ball pitchers, yet are normally in the bottom half of GB% (6th worst this year). You have things like trading a near-mlb ready top 3b prospect, and then trading your starting 3b. You can go all the way back to 2004 when they traded D-Lee because of $$...then signed Carlos Delgrado the next off season. There's just no long term vision, not plan of execution, nothing that's at least apparent from watching them build a club. Eg Royals build a FB% heavy staff with great defensive OFers and a huge stadium. Marlins build a FB% heavy staff, preach about IF defense, and move in the walls.
  11. Ichiro has been significantly better against LHP than RHP for several years now, yet they try to use him as a normal left handed bat and it's hilarious. The last time his OPS against LHP wasn't hundreds of points better than against RHP was 2012 lol. Ichiro needs a left handed bat to platoon with him
  12. I'm not saying Hech is a world beater, significantly better than Rojas, or anything like that - but his BABIP is 50 points lower this year than it was the past two years and he was one of the better SS last year. I think it would be a mistake to trade him after this season, since his value would be at his lowest. So I expect him to be traded.
  13. I hope he leaves the team to Samson. I'd love to see the reaction of the fan base to that
  14. It's a stupid rule and people who self identify by their facial hair are weird. A beard is no replacement for a personality nor a jaw line
  15. And we get to have a 40 year old volatile reliever back next year!
  16. Yeah, you look at the stats and players like Bumgarner and Cueto and Belt and Posey and Crawford and basically every other guy in that line up and you wouldn't think that would be a good team. I mean, they're only second in the NL in WAR. It's because their FO understand the intangible aspect that they're able to overcome their poor stats and win games.
  17. Also, gin is disgusting and I'm disappointed in you.
  18. I've been meaning to get more into scotch. Had Lagavulin recently and that was really good. What should I try out in the $25-40 range?
  19. Booker's is probably my favorite. It's very hot but still incredibly smooth. I don't drink it much at home outside of special occasions because it's rather pricey for me (I'd really like to try the more expensive stuff...), but I'll normally have it instead of a cocktail if I'm out. 101 is what I get the most for home since you can get a handle for so cheap and it's ABV is so high. Bulleit and Four Roses is also great in that price range. Tom Sims is good to have around as a bottom shelf bourbon. Very few other brands hold up to it in the ~10-12 dollar range. Perfect for bourbon and cokes, getting drunk, or using it on people who don't appreciate liquor.
  20. Stanton's at bats in their entirety, which I imagine the whole game would be easiest for
  21. Is there a video of it? All I've found was a pretty shitty highlight reel on a MLB.com article
  22. Was he the one that held Coughlan's first HR for ransom?
  23. DD as a super sub is good for the team. He can spot start 1b, 2b, 3b, and LF, and the defensive positioning can be altered to also cover SS (Dee). You could also alter the OF to cover CF and RF, but Ichiro's played well enough to deserve starts there. There really isn't a logjam with the weak bench. Having him there will help keep guys fresh and have a good bat off the bench at all times.
  24. One part he's losing fastball velocity and one part the Marlins made a technical change (where he throws in the strike zone) that is getting worse results.
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