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  1. More google goodness: Do a search for "she invented" hehehe
  2. On the bright side if your Nats fan, atleast a couple of their pitching prospects (Hill and Bergmann) are doing real well? If they were on another team, they'd both probably have 5-6 wins. Something to look foward to next year, I suppose.
  3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Aw8iF9Zxaz0 hahahahaahahahahahahahaahhahaah
  4. Nny

    Sergio Mitre

    Small sample size alert. 56 innings = 1/3rd-to-1/4th a season. Not all that small. I mean, yeah, seeing him over a full season would be better. But it's not just a couple of starts.
  5. XD IT'S HAMMER TIME! Tommy hutton had me laughing
  6. My Uncle used to run the Joe's Deli on 34th, near the YMCA. Used to hang out there all the time with my cousin (his son) when I was a kid, but he quit several years ago and it closed down not long after. :\ Thanks for the suggestions though
  7. Where do you guys go to watch games that aren't carried by Cox? I'm mostly looking for a place on the west side of town (I live only a couple miles west of the mall). I'm sure there are a lot of places that carry them near the University, but I'd rather not have to drive out there. I'm not sure who and who doesn't carry the extra 50 games around here, and looking for suggestions from you guys.
  8. Kenyon Martin had knee surgery and missed the season. He's still with the Nuggets.
  9. Outside of when they were in the booth (When they really didn't have much to say and lead to a lot of dead air), I enjoyed the Logan and JJ segments throughout the game. Was humorous a lot of the time.
  10. The Red Sox have the best closer in the game home grown, a young soon to be in the rotation starter, a future starting CFer, a young 2B, and more in the farm and on the current team. Just to point out, Rivera was the best closer for a long time and he's still one of the most dominating in the game, Phillip Hughes is a young soon-to-be starter, Cabrera is argueablly a future starting CFer, Cano is one of the best young 2B in the game, and Yankees have an extremely potent farm just like the Red Soxs. And as far as current teams: The Yankees currently have 8 players that went throught th
  11. Why? People who want to drink should be able to. Just be responsible and if you drink dont drive. Just because there are a few isolated incidents doesnt mean the entire crowd should be punished. Isolated incidents? Nearly 17,000 people die every year due to drunk driving every year in just the United States. That's nearly one person dead every half hour due to drunk driving. That's not "isolated incidents". Is it bad if people are responsible with it? No, not at all. All the power to the people with an actual brain that designate a driver or call a cab. I drink, I have nothing
  12. I agree in that I wouldn't mind seeing Alcohol banned from sporting arenas, or limit a person to only 1-2 glasses, but not everybody that drinks is going to drive. I'm not saying that nobody in a stadium drives home drunk, but I'm willing to bet most groups havea designated driver.
  13. http://sports.yahoo.com/mlb/players/5771/career Add whatever years innings you want togeather (A), add those years GS togeather (B), and then divide the sum of his innings by the sum of his GS (A/B) and that will give you his average inning per start. He hasn't worked out of bullpen since 2000, so if you want to go that far back you'd have to go through game logs to minus the amount of innings he worked out of the bullpen from his inning total for the year.
  14. Not a good comparision, Rick Ankiel's problems were in his mind. He deflated from the pressure of pitching in the postseason, and when he got sent back to the minors it just made his physch worse. Anibal has shown that he has a lot of mental toughness (First career start at Yankee stadium, outdueling Roger Clemens, no-hitter, ect. ect.), so I really doubt it will effect him negatively.
  15. I like that we're going with 13 pitchers now, will make sizing up the staff situation better, and should help since our starters haven't gone deep into games.
  16. Arg, this is one of the games that's in the game package that my cable provider (Cox) didn't pick up, so I won't be able to watch it. :-(
  17. Legislators said the bill was the victim of political wrangling between the two chambers in the final days of the session and a long-running feud between Sen. Rudy Garcia, R-Hialeah, and Sen. Alex Diaz de la Portilla, R-Miami, who both supported the measure, but couldn't agree on whose name would appear on the bill. So if I understand this correctly, it didn't pass because two senators couldn't agree whose name to put on the bill? dot dot dot...
  18. Thanks Glad to finally find an active Marlin forum (Been a fan since '95). I would check in on the MLB.com's Marlin forum every now and then, but there really isn't much in-depth discussion there.
  19. I don't follow college baseball as much as I'd like, but I can't believe how bad the Gators have been the past two years...so dissapointing.
  20. He deserved it. He and Bargnani look like the only ones who will become more then role players out of that draft. Some guys did perform well down the stretch when they get increased playing time, like Gay, but I just don't see them becoming go-to guys. He showed some real poise at the end of games and hit some big shots for the Trailblazers.
  21. Nny


    So if Lee Gardener gets sent down when Mitre is activated, and several players out of options, who gets sent down when Julio is activated?
  22. Thanks for posting this! I saw a commercial for it while watching Mike and Mike, but didn't have time to watch Cold Pizza that mourning. Always like to see it when they get a national broadcast interview, like when Willis was on Jim Rome during the Super Bowl.
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