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  1. Nny

    6/5 post game

    Phelps is also #1 in reliever fWAR Loriano has passed Koehler for most walks though
  2. Nny

    6/5 post game

    No walks in his last 17.1 inn. 28 strike outs in that time. Jose's insane. Reclaiming his crown as best pitcher not named Kershaw.
  3. Dunn was good from 2013-2014. He ranks 9th in left handed rp fWAR in that time frame. He did take a bit of a step back last year, but that was mostly home run related and probably won't continue (nearly double the HR/FB rate compared to the three years previous). I don't know why this place has such a hate boner for Dunn. Not everybody is going to be Chapman, but he's p solid
  4. Nny

    5/29 Post game

    It's hard to say anything with a concussion. It can very easily be a career ender. I'm quite worried about it.
  5. Nny

    5/29 Post game

    Koehler and Loriano massively battling for most walks in the NL. They were tied coming into the game, but Koehler now just barely has taken the lead as he walked 5 to Loriano's 4. Loriano is probably the favorite, but I think Koehler has a real shot at the title.
  6. The problem is, the Marlins are a .500 team and they have a two year window to compete, since in 2018 the payroll balloons massively (40+ million compared to 2017). They need to add to the rotation. They can't trade talent for help and there's no good free agents next year, so that leaves trading for payroll for pitching. Which leaves somebody like James Shields. That's really about the only option. If they're not willing to do that, it's better to blow it up and start building the next core, because being a middling .500 team with no future is about the worst position to be in.
  7. Nny

    Jose Reyes

    I'd rather Rojas start rather than Reyes. His power numbers have declined every year since 2011, his BB/K since 2012, UZR since 2012 and hasn't been positive since 2008. It's not like last season was an anomaly, he's been on a decline for years now. And last year was in TOR and COL, two very hitter friendly stadiums. He's a below average offensive player and below average defensive player. At least go with the guy who's good defensively, and won't cost you anything.
  8. Nny

    Morris to DL

    And yet he still has the best K/BB in his career 3.28 ERA, 3.45 FIP And more importantly, v.s. LHB: 2.36 FIP, .143/.234/.167/.401 slash line against. He's absolutely torching lefties. The team's left hand pitchers have a .877 OPS against left handed batters. That difference is insane. He'd be a huge upgrade for the pen and it's shorted sighted to point at his walks to say otherwise. And they not only chose to have Breslow and Naverson over Hand, they paid nearly 3 million for the privileged to do so. Like, I mean, Hand is probably never going to be more than a serviceable LH arm out of the pen. But that's valuable when 1) they're cost controlled and 2) you don't have any other serviceable LH arm to come out of the pen
  9. Nny

    Morris to DL

    Was more important to have Breslow for a mil plus rather than keeping Hand for the minimum and years and years of control. Gotta pigeon hole players afterall
  10. Also, huge shout out to Nicolino for doubling his K/BB for the season in this game alone. Helped him jump from last place in baseball to last place in baseball. But seriously here's hoping starts like that continue.
  11. Without a doubt replacing someone like McGowan with Capps is going to be a huge boost and would put us towards the top. But best in baseball is probably a bit much. I mean, pretty hard to top the Yankees with a back end of Chapman, Betances, and Miller. Kind of like how it'd be easy to look at our OF and say that's best OF in baseball, then you're reminded about how crazy good the Pirates' is
  12. Naw, they're literally middle of the pack at #8
  13. For me, what's telling is that the only thing talked about is her looks
  14. I didn't think he'd pitch again but the non-tender wasn't just bad because of that. He signed a contract worth more than he would have gotten in arbitration. Which means he had trade value, but we let him go for nothing.
  15. Hech has among the best peripherals of his career and his a top 5 defensive SS in baseball. Once he stops having a .220 BABIP, he'll be good again.
  16. Nny

    5/8 postgame

    Hech has his highest BB/K, ISO, Hard% (and lowest Soft%) of his career. He's hitting the ball hard and he's shown good plate discipline. But he has a .222 BABIP. He should be fine.
  17. I didn't really follow but was Nola really considered that high of a pick? I thought Rodon was the consensus #1. No doubt he'd be great too
  18. This team was expected to be about .500 going into the season They're currently about .500 soooo They still need two more SP if they're seriously going to compete. The rotation is already fucked, meaning it's just going to be more fucked if any of the three actual starters get hurt. In other words, if the FO drafted Rodon and didn't release Alvarez, this could be a playoff team. Easily most frustrating part.
  19. I don't disagree, at all, with anything you're saying. But if the Marlins want to seriously compete they need to catch a few lightnings in a bottle. Timmy magically finding his old form could be one of those lightnings. The probability is very low, but the probability of Marlins competing is incredibly low. Sometimes a hail mary is the best option.
  20. We don't even have 5 starters, we have three (four if you think Nicolino can have a Matt Cain BABIP). If you don't consider Cosart an option, Koehler isn't either. Both have been among the worst SP since they entered into the league. I doubt Flores or Jarlin would be worse than him. He's probably a very good RP, considering his first time around splits, but Marlins like to pigeonhole players (though, in this case, there's also been the completely lack of depth and you kind of need a full rotation)
  21. B-R lists him as a lefty. I didn't really watch any games last year to know if that's a misprint
  22. I would guess Lazo. They like two lefties in then pen and he's on rehab assignment
  23. To add to what other people are saying about young players with power, one of the main things was that we're talking about a time when Solano was our starting second baseman. I think it was the same thing when we traded for Kike but didn't start him. Personally I don't like him starting anywhere besides 1B, unless there's just nothing else to even put there (like in 2013-2014, and now)
  24. Nny

    4/29 postgame

    No doubt dee does but I wonder if Rojas does, too. I'm curious as to the rationale of that infield alignment.
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