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  1. You think rules banning certain PEDs in sports are stupid? Selfishly, I want PEDs because it would be more interesting to me to see crazy shit happen in games, but that's just me.


    What other types of cheating is seen as ok?


    I mean, players already taking a lot of "unnatural" substances. The stigma about PEDs is mostly old Olympic propaganda shit. There's nothing dangerous about them when taken properly by an adult.


    The biggest one is certainly illegal substances, to the point where you have something like Kenny Rodgers in the world series a few years ago and LaRussa just asked him to wash it off because they didn't want their side being called on it too. Sign stealing is pretty hilarious also in that regards, since there's acceptable breaking the rules and unacceptable breaking the rules



  2. You're more intelligent than this.


    gallon of milk a day, which I used to do back in college while lifting, will help with gaining mass, but it won't keep you cut as shit like dee was after adding all of that weight. Please. Dee was caught and admitted to using. I don't know what you're trying to defend here. 


    I mean jesus I'm very near his size. Yeah he's more cut than me but I'm also not a professional athlete, it's his job to work out.


    Going from 140's to 170's in several years is absolutely nothing when you're that small. I brought up GOMAD just as a means of how ridiculously easy it is to put on weight when he was that skinny. Can you question his performance before? Sure. But you shouldn't automatically retroactively apply it, especially with something so easily gained naturally


    Personally, I assume it's more of a new thing - he plateaued and wanted to push past it.



  3. Seriously? You are going to compare scrappy baseball play to taking steroids? There are umps on the field. If he violates a rule he takes the punishment. Same goes for substance abuse. Are you really trying to excuse Dee because there is play in baseball that isn't black and white?


    I didn't say he shouldn't be punished. Even though I think the rule is stupid, rules are rules.


    I'm saying that I don't see why so much other cheating is "okay" and ignored and in fact some encouraged, but you do this and everything is tarnished. Most of which coming from propaganda of old olympic shit. Sure context and blah blah blah but you can't say "I hate cheaters" and then pick and choose



  4. Let me get this straight. Dee is a good guy because of his foundation, clean cut, well spoken, and fun on the field. OK. He's not hitler, but the guy cheated. He essentially stole millions of dollars. He took PEDs, had an amazing season, and signed a $50 million dollar contract based on his performance while cheating. This should be something that can be taken to court. Dee misrepresented himself intentionally to add value to his contract. That's stealing. I can't believe I'm going to say this, but he owes Loria money (I just gagged). He needs to return that awful gift, and add have his contract amended. 


    I fucking hate cheaters and deceitful fucks. Help kids all you want, but follow it up in your professional life. If not, it comes off as very counterfeit. 


    There's a lot of leaps of logic and assumptions built into that.


    What about all the other cheating that goes on in a game? He does that, he's scrappy. He does this, he's a thief.



  5. Beyond that, I'm very conflicted because yeah I'm pissed but I know Dee is a good person. This doesn't add up to me. Maybe I'm stubborn but there's too many examples of Dee being an absolutely wonderful human being.


    I think this should barely affect your judgement of his character. The black and white nature that we want to view other people as is foolish



  6. With Rojas, Johnson, and Dietrich around, we could actually use another outfielder if Mattingly wants to keep the bench deep. 


    Looking at our 40 man roster and... Every single position player is already on the team. Tomas Telis is the only non-pitcher on the 40 who is not currently on the 25.


    I would hope Hood or Scruggs, especially with the way Johnson has struggled


    10 Bucks says it'll be Kelly though, especially since he's a LH bat



  7. Dee is cheating in a game those others (besides Hamilton who has a disease) are committing crimes. Again not seeing the correlation. Not saying I agree with MLB policy, but there is a policy and he broke it which gave him advantage over other players which led to a multi million dollar contract. The domestic stuff is apples and oranges. I personally despise those domestic abusers far far far worse


    The correlation is "villain" status. (which, I don't agree with any "villain" status and, for as much as I'm deriding what I consider worse behavior, America's viewpoint of evil and justice is sickening to me)


    And as he said, so much other cheating happens that nobody cares about. Stealing signs? Who cares. Illegal substances? Well our guys do it too, just don't make it obvious. Amphetamines in your coffee? Hey, who doesn't do that. Too much pine tar on your bat? Hey, welcome to the HOF and a clip that's memorable because of the reaction, not because you cheated. But steroids and 3k hits?  Yeah, you're not getting in.


    Is there different "levels" of cheating, sure. But saying somebody's character is tarnished solely because they cheat means you're berating a LOT of players.



  8. I mean stealing signs is made a joke in the public. Foreign substances are mysteriously put on baseballs all the time. I'm sure there's tons more and many forms of cheating are not even known to the public. Steroids really just become the scapegoat to a much larger problem and continues to be the one thing that continually gets called out.





  9. That was all a bit rambling (and it is late at night), but it's because I can't say if what Dee is should be called cheating. I think some day down the line it won't be, but today it is. He didn't actively sabotage anybody. He wanted to improve his game to help his team. It's weird to villionize people for that, but then we go and idolize people like ,Puig, Chapman, Reyes and Cabrera who are domestic abusers, Josh Hamilton has been deemed a comeback story for his alcoholism and drug problems, and Sabathia is still beloved by Yankees fans even after going to rehab for his own problems.


    I don't feel right calling Dee a villain when he comes back.





  10. The absolute key is in the bolded statement. There's so many different substances that players take in order to build muscle and become better, but they have to work around all these "banned" substances, many of which aren't truly harmful to a person's body when a licensed team doctor oversees the process. There's players all across baseball and other sports taking much more dangerous substances without the proper supervision, but because those things don't get tested nobody cares.


    I think the word 'cheating' is incredibly taboo in society. Doesn't matter if its baseball, school, work, etc... throwing out the word cheating just assumes you jumped ahead and left hard working people behind.


    It all depends on what you call cheating. I think there's a consensus among the public that steroids are wrong and should be banned in today's society. That could very easily change with progressing cultural ideologies. What Dee did is considered cheating today, but will it be considered cheating in twenty years? Would it have been considered cheating a decade ago when everybody was doing it?


    I think there is a misconception in society about what steroids really are. Early 2000s played them up to be absolutely horrible to people's bodies as a way to deter the younger generation from using them. But advancing medicine and high tech programs that these athletes are on are proving that no harm is done to any of these players long term, and there's varying results on how successful performance enhancers even are.


    You're able to put one of the things I'm trying to say a lot more coherently than I am



  11. That's fine and dandy, but you'd have to be a dumbass to take them in this day and age knowing the rules. Dumb or not, the rules are the rules. I actually agree with what you're saying, but it also seems rather irrelevant to the fact that he disregarded policy.


    There are dumb rules in every workplace. That doesn't mean that employees get to break the dumb rules without suffering the consequences. And in this case, the whole organization goes down with him. The one that gave him millions to perform under the rules put in place. 


    And I don't disagree really with what you're saying. It's the people acting liking he's some super horrible human being. Disappointing? Sure. But the enmity towards him is staggering and I feel mostly unjustified.



  12. don't disagree with you but not sure what point you're trying to make


    Word I'm kind of all over the place


    1) Players do a lot worse things that actually make them worse people, but fan's don't give a shit (again, this is at least changing now-a-days). Yet players who do nothing wrong to others are evil (this is especially WTF??? when it comes to things like anti-media or counter-culture personalities)


    2) There's nothing inherently wrong with steroids, they're against the rules become of patriotic propaganda. Again, sure, rules are rules but it's still a bullshit rule, so saying he's evil for some bullshit rule is whatever.


    3) A LOT of cheating happens. Why are steroids held to such venomous behavior?



  13. I feel like there's no way the organization knew about this in Spring Training when they signed him to a long-term contract.


    Also, I think that's kind of dumb. If a player gets busted for PEDs, it shouldn't be a guaranteed contract anymore. The guy broke the rules of the contract. 


    This I do agree with. Didn't MIL try to get out of Braun's contract and fail? That was surprising to me.



  14. Well Bonds and Sosa hitting incredible number of home runs now has everybody thinking steroids are magic and lead to hugely increased numbers, when the majority of people who actually do it see marginal improvements at best.


    Look, I'd love Dee to stay clean. There's absolutely no reason for him not to since everything he's good at has absolutely nothing to do with what steroids can truly help with. But the game's always been tainted. I'm pretty sure using steroids doesn't make Dee any worse of a person. I'm disappointed he felt the need to do it, but if I'm going to be completely honest I've been wanting to give Dietrich a shot for a while and he really had no place to get a shot. As horrible as this sounds, this gives Dietrich that opportunity to prove himself for the long run.


    The thing with steroids isn't "strength", it's recovery. Steroids would help him, without a doubt. Not in the "I can hit 70 home runs now lol" sense, but in that he's body is going to recover a lot better from the grind of a season.


    And muscle still has a lot to with speed.



  15. I agree that PED use being banned is dumb. Pro athletes are basically modern day gladiators, why not let them do whatever they want to their bodies within the law? Hank Aaron used to do greenies before every game that certainly helped to enhance his performance. Either way, whether we think they should or shouldn't be, PEDs are banned in baseball and Dee did them anyway. That's cheating. I don't think drugs should be illegal because drug use is a victimless crime and making the drug trade illegal actually causes way more crime than the drug use itself. Still, I'm not going to start doing drugs and expect my employer to be cool with it. Rules and rules and when you sign a contract with an organization, you agree to follow those rules.


    **Caveat- I don't do drugs, legal or otherwise.**


    Shit you don't take asprin?


    I don't disagree with the bolded part. But we're not the Marlins organization. He is not our employee. All he is to us is a human being tring to be the best he can be for our entertainment. God forbid he tried his best to live up to that.


    My problem isn't just the propaganda around steroids, it's the social stigma of them v.s. other cheating methods. Especially since so much cheating is "okay" in baseball



  16. Miguel Cabrera can fuck himself too. Chapman, Reyes, all those guys are scum worse than Deeg for sure. Still doesn't excuse the fact that Deeg thought he was so special that he could cheat and get away with it, knowing the damage it would cost the team if caught.


    Shit ton of cheating happens in baseball though, and it's okay because "unspoken rules" or I don't know some stupid shit



  17. Maybe if you had absolutely no other strengths in your game. It's not like the dude even hits the ball that hard. He just puts it in play and runs. Hand eye coordination and speed are his two biggest assets. I would say if anything it would be more about him recovering being that he has the stature of a 14 year old boy 


    Right, that's kind of what I mean though. When you're 6'6 like Stanton, you don't need shit. Allegedly*, Gordon's 5'11 and 170. I'm 5'11 and 160 and I'm barely at intermittent strength standards and my body is wrecked after an especially heavy work out. That's the kind of guy that needs help, the guy who's not genetically gifted in strength and endurance


    *I'd kind of be surprised if Gordon was actually bigger than me



  18. That's a different story/issue. They are banned and they do give players advantages when they use them and that's wack. If they were universally allowed, Not sure why you're turning this into anything else besides Dee cheating. 


    I'm turning it into other stuff because it's bothered me for years how much Miggy is revered here, and how many other sport stars are in the general public eye, after they've been arrested for domestic abuse and no one gives a shit. Yet a super competitive guy (which, you basically can only become a professional athlete by being super competitive) does what he can to be the best that he can (which is exactly what the public wants) and he's the worst thing ever.


    Even though so much other cheating happens in sports, especially baseball. There's the "approved" cheating, and the "unapproved." Face it, steroids are "unapproved" because of the perception of steroids because of propaganda in the 1980's. There's nothing inherently wrong with them, assuming taken by an adult under proper supervision.


    Combine the propganda of the 1980's with the witch hung of the mid 2000's and the wrap steroids have is so moronic. Other cheating is fine, but you take steroids and omg you're a  terrible human being



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