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  1. Actually quite amazing to think how many promising bullpen arms we have with Wittgren, Ege, Ellington, Barraclough, Urena, Ogando. Man if we had Capps what a fucking power bullpen we could have soon. 


    None of them really have lights out potential but we should at least get some solid guys out of the group. Though I wouldn't be all too hyped for Oganda, but Lazo looks pretty good too once he comes off the DL. Ege+Lazo would be a huge improvement of our current lefty situation.


    Flores and Pineyro both could becomes solid swing-men, as well.



  2. Projection systems are obviously not perfect and especially so when talking about something as volatile as RP prospects, but...


    ZiPS projected ERA


    Breslow: 4.11 Jackson: 4.39 McGowan: 4.47 Naverson: 4.62 = 4.40 ERA


    Wittgren: 3.62 Ege: 3.40 Ellington: 3.71  Barraclough: 3.69 = 3.61 ERA


    And we're paying Brewslow/McGowan/Naverson a combined 3.7m (or, in other words, roughly what it'd have taken to keep Alvarez). At least Jackson is only making the minimum



  3. Loria isn't going to announce now that he will sell the team after 2017. Its just my opinion that he will.


    I'm hoping so. The payroll is going to sky rocket in 2018 and I doubt he'll be wanting to write those checks.


    Which is also why I don't think you trade Jose. Our window for competing is the next two years, before the payroll blows up. And I think you still get quite a bounty for him pre-2018.



  4. No, it really is that bad. Naylor and Garrett are our only prospects better than C's, and they're still not that good. Most of our prospects wouldn't be in other team's top 20. They're all #5 starters, run-of-them-mill BP arms, or a position player that'll be lucky to break into the majors.



  5. I'm gonna go on a limb and say guys like Nny and MarlinsLou are beyond being interns.


    I'm actually still finishing my degree, meaning I'm not above an internship :cool


    But working for the Marlins in any way sounds dreadful. I also imagine the job would be akin to trying to explain things to BroncoBob.



  6. I don't understand this. Isn't Loria the guy who's mostly behind the hiring and firing of these managers? Like isn't Mattingly a Loria guy?


    The only that Samson and Hill might have initiated on their own was the Jennings experiment.


    I'm pretty sure part of Samson's job is to take vitriol away from Loria. I recall there being several instances where it was often reported something was Loria's doing, then Samson would later make a comment about how it's his/Hill's head on the line.



  7. While we're all complaining about #MarlinsThings, why hasn't there been word of any kind of grievance from Ozuna's camp? At this point, we're obviously keeping him in AAA to slow down his arbitration clock and avoid Super Two.


    There is no precedence of somebody winning that, and there have been a LOT of instances in the past. And Ozuna's argument is pretty weak - he was doing terrible before being sent down and the guy who replaced him (Gillespie) is doing fine. Kris Bryant earlier this year has a better case than Ozuna.


    Only way to win something like this is injury related, like how Anibal won his grievance.



  8. Because he's posting absolutely fantastic peripherals.


    But after Nolasco, I'm very scared of a "comes out of nowhere to post great season, then follows up with still good peripherals but terrible ERA." Also why I was okay with trading Eovaldi and seems like same deal there (and he's still posting a good 3.42 FIP)


    But Carrasco's peripherals easily tops both of theirs. If we got him, I'd be very happy.



  9. I doubt we're talking about Urbrina at all if A-Gon didn't become a great player.


    Because A-Gon became great, people bring up if it's a trade that should have been made. You then have people on both sides, one of which is going to talk up the trade as great.


    Never once heard Craig Counsell brought up as one of the greatest trades the Marlins ever made. Deadline dead in 1997 and he scored the game winning run. But no one ever talks about it because it was Mark Hutton who was traded for him, and he was out of the majors two years later. Nor Darren Daulton. 1.121 OPS while starting 5 WS games and appearing in all 7. We gave up Billy McMillon for him. Who?



  10. Nope but its kind of funny how some people (not you) would look at that now and say see Marlins were dumb again for not trading for Jeter.  And those same people would bitch if the fish traded a player for a no-name prospect tomorrow.


    Jeter was the #6 overall pick and #16 prospect for BA after that year. He was incredibly far from being a no-name prospect. If they could have gotten Jeter for Harvey and didn't, that is a dumb move for an expansion team no where close to competing. Especially considering we're talking about a guy who's on the wrong side of 30, dealing with injury issues, and a free agent very soon.


    People were calling for Cishek to be moved this past offseason. And if we got a top 16 prospect for him, people would have been ecstatic.



  11. The Marlins are NOT shopping Big Salad.  They would only trade him if another team overpays.


    Yes, keep the guy who's ranked 81st out of 94 pitchers in FIP, 83rd in xFIP. Even though he will command more than he's worth in arbitration because of his ERA and this is the best "trade high" time ever to move him. :unsure



  12.  Plus Marisnick is one of the best outfielders in baseball


    ...going by what?


    Marisnick is really, really not good. :unsure Ozuna's worst season has literally been as good as Marisnick's best season.



  13. Something people haven't brought up on: He replaced Morse with Ichiro in the bottom of the 7th. So why did he not pinch run for Morse in the top of the 7th? Ichiro very likely scores on that double. Complete lack of foresight and planning.


    Just an absolutely terribly managed game. It bears repeating infinitely how bad the 8th inning bullpen management was.



  14. In defense, Dayton was DFA'd off the 40 man roster and none of the other 29 teams wanted him and he's, I believe, a MILB FA at the end of the year so he's likely gone in a couple months.


    But considering our top 3 LH RP right now are Dunn, Hand, and Conley...I don't know why you wouldn't at least see what he's got at the major league level with that kind of track history.



  15. I second the Golden Money. My boss got me into those. I'm a lightweight as it is when it comes to alcohol, but two of those and im practically passed out.


    I'd definitely suggest checking out Delirium Nocturnum. It's more expensive and harder to find, but it's super tasty. Tremens is their more famous beer, but I think Nocturnum is light years better.




    which players are you referring to?


    Dietrich and Rojas. Neither are future starters but could be useful bench pieces. It's funny how polar opposite they are - Dietrich has staying power if he can learn to field, Rojas does if he can learn to hit.


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