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  1. This is the proof that the FO don't expect the team to do anything. You have Miggy Ro calling Sixto unhittable at the same time they're sending Jordan Yamamoto out for a 3rd start.
  2. As my friend miamibaseball used to say, we bad news bears.
  3. FTR, that was NOT a sac bunt and therefor I stand by my run expectancy matrices 😅. @CoastieMikecall it a draw?!
  4. Yay, a response! See, I agree with you that it's situational but disagree as to what the situation is. The situation is that our bullpen is full of has beens and never was...es that have been overperforming. And it's beginning to show. The guy we brought out for the 10th had an ERA of nearly 7 last year; and he's not a young arm, he's 27. If we had a tried and true bullpen we could worry about making them execute, but we don't have guys in our pen who we can expect to execute.
  5. This is sad. Back in the day by now I'd have had 10 people challenge me on run expectancy matrices. And then I'd be able to link to it here. As you can see from 2010-2015 you expected 1.100 runs with 0 outs/runner on 2nd. You expect 0.664 runs 1 out/runner on 3rd. Now this is different from the probability of a single run, which is also listed in that link. You expect a 61.4% chance of at least 1 run with 0 outs/runner on 2nd. You expect a 66% chance of at least 1 run with 1 out/runner on 3rd. So it's all about situation. If you're batting in the top of the inning you need to cr
  6. Disagree. All run expectancy matrices will show that you expect more runs with 0 outs and a man on 2B than with 1 out and a man on 3B. If you're the away team, you should be trying to score as many runs as possible. If you're the home team and it's tied (or down 1), then you should be bunting because you're only trying to score 1 run.
  7. This is the only answer I got so I assume it's correct.
  8. They should start the OT period with the puck halfway into the net.
  9. So is Larry still in an undisclosed location?
  10. Did you know Eddy won a silver medal?
  11. JP Arencibia is in Hollandsworth's spot
  12. I like him. He's still pretty green and rough around the edges but he's proving some nice analysis.
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