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  1. I think I remember coming on here last year and just using the Kevin Gregg video 🙂. It's been a while since I made one of those.
  2. Hello all, multi-time MarlinsBaseball Poster of the Years award winner Rabbethan here. I come with a query. Does anyone out there have a copy of Anibal Sanchez's 2006 no-hitter? It's my white whale at this point. I've been able to get copies of the other no-nos, other important Marlins games, but this one eludes me. Anyone have it?
  3. Interesting about the 29-9 game; only Pablo is left on the roster of the pitchers who gave up runs.
  4. The Marlins won! You know, after that I realized the rest of the day sucked but the Marlins winning is SO great that I forgot about it.
  5. I almost cried when Corey hit that Home Run. FIRST PLAYOFF WIN IN 17 YEARS. Now let's finish this off!
  6. It's free OTA if you get an antenna, a must for every cord cutter! Though if ABC is on YoutubeTV it should be on there, I guess.
  7. Second place in a division is seeded over a WC team.
  8. I'm with you. Someone texted me knowing my hate for Ureña but I really wish we cut him last night.
  9. I'm actually a burner account for @Hollyberry
  10. I put my bet in the first week of August, 300/1.
  11. Miggy Ro for sure but let's not forget our stand-in captain Francisco Cervelli who we lost right after Rojas came back. While Miggy Ro was gone, Cervelli was the big veteran presence helping this team along, getting big hits, hitting a .800 OPS from catcher, and steering a lot of young pitchers through their trials by fire. Of the 36 different pitchers we used this year, Cervelli caught the most different pitchers among our catchers, 26. Alfaro has showed just how important a good game caller is and we've really missed Cervelli back there.
  12. We're on the same wavelength, gotta go Sandy Pablo Sixto. Sixto has all the flash right now but Pablo, to me, is the backbone of this rotation and he showed a lot winning that Braves game. He also gave us 9 out of 11 starts of 5 innings, 2 earned runs or less. And would probably be more innings if Donnie didn't pull he any time he had more than 80 pitches. Also Donnie is a shit game manager.
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