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  1. Fortes small sample size but has definitely impressed more then Henry,Jackson,Leon and Alfaro hoping the D gets cleaned up though. Should be the starting catcher going forward for the rest of the season
  2. I’d also look to see if any takers for cooper. Sad to say but dude just can’t stay healthy also should have happened this past offseason.
  3. Think we’d be lucky to get a bag of chips for brinson.. I’m just definitely ready to see some more of this young pitching and I like Pablo but dude never seems to be able to stay healthy so I’d luv to seek high in him right now as he did perform pretty well when healthy. As for Hernandez if part of this team next year needs to be in the bullpen but honestly I would trade him. honestly thinking Luzardo maybe isn’t a starting pitcher but he’s got some good stuff but maybe he’d be better in say the closer role? I know it’s crazy..
  4. If I’m the marlins I’m looking to move Pablo and probably Hernandez as well for some offensive help.. burdick couldn’t be any worse then brinson at this point in time lol and I’d honestly rather see Burdick play..
  5. Wish them both luck and hope to see both in a Marlins uniform next season.
  6. Terrible simply terrible 3 strikeouts after the lead off triple so sad. New hitting coaches needed ASAP
  7. Lead off triple and trash at bats after that
  8. JeeZ these guys suck
  9. Nice to see Henry with his first mlb hit.
  10. Jazz’s Defense is just terrible and he doesn’t hit well enough to make up for it like Tatis.
  11. I’d take Marte back over brinson,Sierra,Harrison,Alfaro,etc a outfield of Cruz,Sanchez and Marte would be nice
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