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  1. Till Chisholm shows something at the MLB level the Dbacks have won this trade so far and seeing the rotation after Gallen left omg good what a disaster... hopefully the pitching in the minors comes through.
  2. Shoulda traded his ass when we had the chance..
  3. mk613


    Why this foo is in the majors I have no clue he’s absolute garbage..
  4. Still better then anything the marlins rotation is tossing out there right now
  5. The marlins starting pitching has looked terrible as of late and seeing Gallen pitch well tonight makes me wish he was still with the team..
  6. From ESPN “ Winner: Challenge trade! The Marlins traded pitcher Zac Gallen to the Diamondbacks for minor league shortstop Jazz Chisholm, an odd trade to make on July 31. The Marlins better hope Gallen isn't their next Chris Paddack or Luis Castillo. His raw stuff isn't on their level, but he has a 2.72 ERA through his first seven major league starts with 43 K's in 36.1 innings, suggesting he can pitch off a fastball that has averaged 92.2 mph. Chisholm began 2019 as Arizona's top prospect, but he has struggled mightily in Double-A, hitting .204/.305/.427 with 123 strikeouts in 364 plate appearances. He does have 18 home runs, but just 11 other extra-base hits, so it has been an all-or-nothing approach. He's just 21, hits left-handed and can run, so he fits the Marlins' profile as a tools-laden position player with a questionable hit tool, but how many players who strike out 34% of the time in Double-A turn into good major league hitters? There's a chance the Marlins gave up a solid rotation anchor for Lewis Brinson II. Or maybe they hit a home run with a kid who develops into a power-hitting shortstop.”
  7. Looking at more then one outing for him and sorry but Gallen has been the better pitcher compared to Alcántara..
  8. Outings like Alcántara’s is a good reason why they shouldn’t have traded Gallen
  9. I’d would have rather trade the older player in Caleb then the youngster.
  10. Conley needs to be off this team like now. Seriously dude can’t pitch.
  11. Just give him granderson’s spot right now it be an upgrade
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