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  1. Heaney was promoted to Low-A Greensboro on Wednesday evening, according to his Twitter. Good job outta him.
  2. He looked sharp after a shaky first. He allowed a bunt single to the first batter he faced, then a sharp single, had a HBP in the inning too. He ended up throwing 45 total pitches for the three innings, with 20 in that first inning. 30 of his pitches were for strikes and 15 for balls. Beinfest was there to watch his debut along with pitching coordinator Wayne "Rosie" Rosenthal and VP of player development Martin Scott. Thanks for the report. Nice of Beinfest, Rosenthal and Scott to attend. Hope this is the start of a Jose Fernandez type progression.
  3. Looks like Andrew had a pretty solid outing in his debut. 3IP, 4 H, 1ER (1R), 4 Ks, 0 BB. Left the game down 1-0 on the scoreboard. Seems like he had to shake off some nerves in the 1st where he gave up the lone run and 3 hits while also hitting a batter. fanofthefish, let us know how he looked out there when you're back. If you're on Twitter, give some congrats to Andrew via @heandog8.
  4. I'll be there! Enjoy it! I'm hoping to go to a GCL game when I'm back in FL in two weeks.
  5. JJ Cooper �@jjcoop36 Not a big Zack Cox fan, but Marlins have gotten an upgrade going from Dominguez to Cox as their top 3B prospect Tweet from Baseball America writer/editor JJ Cooper.
  6. Just a heads up that our 2012 1st round pick Andrew Heaney is scheduled to make his rookie league debut for the GCL Marlins on Thursday on the road against the GCL Nationals.
  7. In more Zephyrs news, Brantly with a pinch hit walk-off 3-run HR vs. Iowa tonight. Since the trade, he's hitting .500 with 6 RBIs in 14 ABs.
  8. I really hope they let him work out any little issue he might have in AAA. Andrew Miller made me paranoid. Speaking of him....he's having a pretty nasty year this year As a reliever. In comparison to Chris Volstad, he's been remarkable. Gotta give him credit for accepting the role and doing well in it. Lotta guys in his position couldn't swallow their pride and take the demotion to the bullpen.
  9. Speaking of call-ups, I'd like to see Yelich move up to AA - hitting .321 currently I agree, but I'm also selfish and want him to stay in Jupiter until after I see him play at RDS in two weeks. Hoping I can line up a game where Fernandez starts and Yelich is in the lineup.
  10. Maybe I'm reacting to a poor start by Harrison in Texas, but after looking at their rotation, I can see Daniels giving in to our demands. Especially with Lewis out for 2012 and heading into free agency a year after they lost CJ Wilson. You just don't see that team doing as well as they have in previous 2nd halfs/post-season with Darvish and Holland essentially anchoring you. Obtaining JJ will allow them to avoid a bidding war over Grienke and even a guy like Anibal this winter when those are the only quality arms out there.
  11. I'm sure they'll at least let him get his bearings straight in a new league and with a new club before doing that. Brantly, on the other hand, is someone I'd like to see sooner rather than later. Buck and Hayes are abysmal at the plate.
  12. Turner's debut at home vs. Iowa Cubs: 5ip, 2h, 1r, 1er, 3bb, 2k. 88 pitches, 48 for strikes. Sidenote: Batting leadoff for Iowa is none other than Alfredo Amezaga;. 2 of Turner's 3 walks were drawn by Alfredo.
  13. First start for Anibal as a Tiger today. Fielded a slow roller to his right bare-handed and made the throw to first in a Gold Glove move to end the inning. Miggy rubbed his head as they went to the dugout. Oh, what could have been for the Marlins.
  14. Looks like you're right, thanks.
  15. Anyone know when Turner's debut with NO will be? Hoping they can keep him at AAA for most of the 2nd half to get him ready for 2013. Obviously, I'm paranoid after Andrew Miller was somewhat rushed up in 2009.
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