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  1. Having too many good players at a position isn't a bad thing.
  2. I'd happily take Profar and Olt, but there's no way TEX would do that. Just hold JJ at least until the trade deadline so we can get the best offer possible as teams get desperate.
  3. Can we ask the Dodgers for an In-N-Out chain in FL as part of the trade deal?
  4. We would only get Bundy if we gave them Stanton or Jose Fernandez. Which is not happening... hopefully.
  5. I want Giolito but injury concerns will make him drop.
  6. Hey everyone, help out Florida Quidditch by liking this page to help with our bid to get the Quidditch World Cup VI in Orlando, FL! http://www.facebook.com/pages/World-Cup-VI-in-Orlando-FL/258241367586057
  7. I like the making it rain one.
  8. Deal him to SFG for Cain or Bumgarner + Sandoval. If they would even do that.
  9. Oh no Marlins Will Look To Trade Hanley Ramirez http://bit.ly/rEUDLL #mlb
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