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  1. Speaking of tickets for sale, I have two extra tickets for today's game. Section 31, over the Marlins bullpen, Row 6. $20 each. I know its last minute, but the StubHub listing just expired. I have extra tickets available for all May home games, as well (2 in row 6, 1 in row 1) as I'm currently finishing up my Masters in Boston and won't be back home until the end of the month. Let me know if you're interested. Thanks!
  2. @willmanso Per #Marlins: the Miccosukee signage at the new ballpark is NOT part of naming rights. Just a quadrant sponsor. FYI. That takes care of the Red Quadrant. Any guesses for Blue, Green or Yellow?
  3. Thoughts on the Carnival cruise lines logo being stylized together with the new fish? Might explain lack of side fins and tail and why the marlin is orange... switch Carnival's red to Marlins' orange and it's not TOO far of a reach from there.... Samson said naming rights partner of the stadium would be incorporated in many aspects of the team, not just the name of the park. Perhaps I'm just reaching, but I can see it.
  4. I love it! Can't wait to see how it works together with the uniform and new wordmark - evidently, this is from a future t-shirt design document, which explains the plain block letter "Marlins" above it. As far as the logo itself goes, I love it!
  5. The stadium shot is from the '97 World Series. My sister bought it for me the other day. They're like $10 and very good quality.
  6. Following up a World Series clinching strikeout with a ceremonial final pitch just seems a little anti-climactic. The Mets were able to plan that cus they - well, cus everyone and their mother - knew they were going nowhere fast. =)
  7. There was also "Miracle Over Miami" after the 2003 Championship
  8. Not a big fan of the logo itself but this is the color combination I'm hoping for.
  9. Many of you may have heard on the broadcast last night that fans will have the chance to vote for the all-time Marlins team to commemorate our 19 seasons as the Florida Marlins. A special ceremony will take place on Closing Day. The voting is now underway at http://florida.marlins.mlb.com/fla/fan_forum/all_time_marlins_team.jsp Let the debating begin!
  10. Plan is to open it in March 2012 and have at least 1 college game along with at least 1 exhibition MLB game there before the season starts. I think I read the same article. IIRC, it mentioned one Canes game and one ST game prior to the Marlin's opener. BUT, it also mentioned that they want to attract a Superbowl in the future. That will really upset the purists. I think that would be appropriate. For every 1,000 baseball games, we'll allow one football game to be played in our baseball stadium. Superbowl in a stadium with 37,000 seats? Highly unlikely... I believe they want to att
  11. I'm always skeptical of the way players "seem" in articles, but he does not sound happy to be here; he sounds kinda like a miserable dude. Buck up, kid. You're going to get 600 ABs if you stay healthy; stop complaining. I got the same feeling, but I'm guessing it has to do more with his not being able to play winter ball than with being here. I know I wouldn't be too thrilled about getting traded and then being shut down during the offseason. I'm guessing once he starts playing again (as a regular, no less) we'll be reading a different tune out of him...
  12. PERRY HILL, BABY!!! HE'S COMING BACK! "The Marlins also will announce the return of infield and first base coach Perry Hill, who was held the same position with the club from 2002-06." WOOHOOO!!! http://www.sun-sentinel.com/sports/florida-marlins/fl-florida-marlins-manager-110210,0,7942615.story
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