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  1. I realize this isn't exactly breaking news, but I thought it was interesting. As long as the Marlins have been around, and as large as the South Florida market is, you would expect more people to identify themselves as Marlins fans. Also, the franchise has already won a couple of World Series in its short existence. Why can't we gain any popularity? That's a pretty big issue for this franchise. I think people on this board overlook the fact that the business model of the Marlins, although it produces competitive teams, does not really foster any fan loyalty. I mean, people can become Marlins fans, but it's less likely with the constant roster turnover. Just to throw out an example, how many Dolphin fans do you think are there just because of Dan Marino? The Marlins will likely never have the luxury of breeding fans that love a player and learn to love the team he plays on.
  2. http://www.harrisinteractive.com/harris_poll/pubs/Harris_Poll_2009_07_13.pdf According to this survey the Marlins are one of baseball's least popular teams. Not too surprising, but I must say I'm a little disappointed to see this. I know attendance isn't great, but TV ratings are not bad. My guess is that the lack of any sort of consistency hurts the Marlins. Sure, the Marlins FO has found a way to be cheap and generally competitive, but I'm not sure that they'll ever be very popular as long as the roster is turns over completely every couple of years.
  3. If nothing else this pretty much confirms the fact that the FO has lost all confidence in Hermida.
  4. I realize there is a stadium forum, but I'm just a little surprised there's not anything in the main forum about the new stadium. After over 15 years and countless failed attempts I thought for sure there would be some exuberance over the new stadium. Is everyone sleeping in after the marathon county meeting? Hey there old timer. Good to see you again. Ya I hear the vote passed, I still wont believe we are getting a stadium though till a) the shovels hit the dirt and b) the first pitch is thrown there But at least this step has passed. Hey, thanks man. I figured nobody would remember me. I finally graduated from school and my free time just sorta vanished, but been lurking and enjoying the posts here all the while. Well, I am really excited about the planned new ballpark. I guess we've been burned so many times that it's definitely understandable to be cautious, but man is it nice to finally get this far. For all the shortcomings of this planned ballpark (primarily location), I have to say it's really exciting to think that for essentially the first time since I've been a fan of the club we can be considered to have a permanent home. After all the lows we finally got our day. I'm really excited, but we aren't quite there yet. When the shovels hit the dirt then I guess we can officially celebrate. Until then, I'm unofficially thrilled.
  5. I realize there is a stadium forum, but I'm just a little surprised there's not anything in the main forum about the new stadium. After over 15 years and countless failed attempts I thought for sure there would be some exuberance over the new stadium. Is everyone sleeping in after the marathon county meeting?
  6. It's amazing how Fredi gets so much blame. Do you guys even know what he's like inside the clubhouse, when the media isn't there? Is it more likely that Fredi is who the public sees or that he's a Jekyll and Hyde figure who just keeps his composure long enough for reporters to turn those cameras off? I don't know what he's like in the clubhouse because I'm not there, but give me a break. I think we all have a pretty good idea of who Fredi is. B/c honestly...you don't know what these guys are like off the field. At least I don't. I'm guessing, if anything, 2% of this board does indeed know what happens behind closed doors. Just b/c Fredi doesn't go all Ozzie (how did that work for Ozzie last year, anyways? ) or Leyland (who's team is doing great this year ), doesn't mean he doesn't have meetings with his players. It doesn't mean he babies them. We sound like Mets fans who blamed everything on Willie Randolph. Managers are overrated. Like I said, baseball is a mental game. Managers can be good for teams one year, but bad for teams the next. A guy like McKeon plays his games too often, and the result is his tricks stop working. Fredi doesn't need to turn into Ozzie, he just needs to stop being such a damn pushover. This team is essentially infected with his attitude. You can say managers are overrated, but that statement doesn't jive with what we've seen over and over again. Remeber the 2003 team? They were lulled to sleep by happy-go-lucky manager after happy-go-lucky manager, then Jack came in and changed the dynamic of the team. You can't overrate that effect.
  7. I tend to think that people put far too much emphasis on game management skills of a manager, and far too little on the intangibles of a manager. If you believe that baseball is a mental game, then it's hard to discount the effect that a manager can have on his players. Sure, it's probably unrealistic for Fredi to snap every time a hitter strikes out with a runner on third and less than one, but is it so unrealistic to expect him to make it uncomfortable for players to come back into the dugout after some of the at-bats that we see day after day? You do that by pushing buttons every now and then...remember Jack McKeon? There are extremes, obviously. Do it too often and the buttons don't seem to work anymore, but don't do it enough and your team plays baseball like a little league squad. Maybe if our manager had a certain stature these guys would make a serious attempt at changing their ways. I would feel so much better if I saw guys actually trying to correct weaknesses. They are, in fact, youngsters that should be getting better. But I just don't see it. I see the same approach over and over with every hitter. And nothing is being done about it and nobody seems to be worried about it. There's just an 'aww, shucks" aura about this team that I think is a direct result of Fredi. Why hasn't anyone choked up? Every time I see Jacobs take one of his gargantuan swings on a 0-2 count I think that just makes Fredi look worse and worse. No respectable manager would let that happen up and down the lineup day after day.
  8. No, really...please break up the Marlins. As an actual Marlin fan, one that has been through the roller coaster ride that is the harsh reality of life as a Marlins fan, I can honestly say this is the most difficult team I've ever watched. More difficult even than the 1998 and 1999 teams, and that's saying a lot. Why break up a team that has overachieved? Well, because it has overachieved. This team has power, but it has no clue at tthe plate. Pitchers finally realized that it's probably not a good idea to feed this lineup fastballs, and the result is that we are seeing that we are actually a pretty sh*tty hitting team. So who's to blame? Well, it certainly starts with Fredi. The way that this team plays in 100% unacceptable. This is not a team composed of players that don't belong or who are too green to expect consistent major leaque quality play. That was the team that Girardi managed. This version of the young Marlins is a group that essentially does what it wants. Missed a sign on the bases? Awww, shucks. You'll get 'em next time. Four strike outs in a game? Those things are just going to happen. Swing for the fences, no matter the situation? You take the good with the bad. Yep...what we're seeing is a group of young, impressionable players who have been influenced by their manager. I'll say it until the front office decides to prove me right...Fredi has no business managing a young team. He's essentially ruined this crop of talent. I think this team is making a huge mistake if it brings back Fredi, but I have no doubt that it will. He's alarmingly even-tempered, and patient to a fault. Those are good traits in life, and even as a baseball manager to a certain degree, but Fredi takes it to another level. He takes it to the point of enabling. Every time he allows Jacobs to take gigantic cuts with runners in scoring position it's shame on Fredi. When Fredi sees a guy like Dan Uggla have 3 brain farts in one week with no recourse, that's shame on Fredi. This team has taken on the personality of its manager, and that's not a pretty sight. And the best personification of Fredi? Jeremy Hermida. Has anyone every seen such a talented player so carefree? He doesn't seem to be too worried about much on the field, but that seems to be okay because his manager doesn't seem to expect much. A guy with the makeup of Hermida should be a much better all around hitter, and much less pitchable. A guy with the makeup of Hermida should be a great fielder. Will he ever be either with Fredi managing the club? Nope. Fredi can't get it out of him. Unfortunately, Fredi will be around next year. So who should go? Jacobs undoubtedly should be the first. I almost feel bad for him in a way that he hasn't had the luxury of a manger with the balls to chew his ass out, but he's gonna need to go somewhere else to get that. It's clear he doesn't work out on this team. Uggla, as much as I hate to say it, needs to go. This is more a cost/benefit decision, as he simply is no longer worth (to us) his cost next year. This team needs to get guys with a clue at the plate, and Uggla really doesn't have one save for his 2 or 3 hot streaks per year. One of either Ross or Willingham needs to go as well, probably Willingham simply because we need to get better defensively. That's 1/3 of the batting order. Is that enough? I fear it's not as long as we have the same tone at the top, but I won't keep beating that dead horse.
  9. I think the point is that we are playing a bunch of the teams that are in front of us...so while it's common sense that we control our own destiny, it's even more true with us because we can gain/lose games rather quickly based on the teams we will be playing.
  10. I am indifferent to Fredi as a manager but the fault lays in how this team was/is constructed . We have been on an amazing ride that has exceded our low expectations and payroll buit at the end of the day we have too many players who lack discipline at the plate. We strike out more than any other team , most of the line up does not make any adjustment at the plate , we never make productive outs . There have been so instances during the season when all that was required was a ground ball or fly ball to the outfield to score additional runs . Fredi cant swing that bat for these guys maybe instead of trying to hit a home run every single time our line up will merely attempt to put the ball in play and we might win even more games . At the end of the day the guys in the field determine if we win or lose. I think Fredi deserves a share of the blame for allowing the players to think it's okay to not adjust and it's okay to swing for the fences every at-bat. I think this team would be much better defensively and a much more disciplined hitting team if we had a better/stricter manager. Who's telling these guys to choke up and shorten their swings with RISP? I would assume nobody is, because I don't even see them trying to alter their approaches.
  11. I don't know that I've ever seen such a good team that is so frustrating to watch. I'm frankly shocked that we are where we are considering our atrocious situational hitting. Say what you will, but I think that Fredi deserves blame for not getting these players better with respect to being big league hitters. We obviously are a young team, but I'm not sure I've seen much progression, defensively or offensively, since Girardi left this club. Fredi is miles ahead of where he was last season as an in-game manager, but his lassez-faire attitude doesn't help a young team that needs someone to tell them that striking out is not okay. I realize this team is not ever going to be a contact hitting bunch, but I hate the fact that we're trotting out a group of guys that are mostly under 25 and we seem to be resigned to the fact that we have a swing and miss type team. That's on Fredi.
  12. Ironically, the play that killed us was Baker's hit up the middle. I had a feeling it was bad news in disguise, and it ended up playing out that way. Fredi had to PH for Olsen with the bases loaded and an opportunity to open up the game, but you sure hate to take out a guy that's pitching that well. It cost us the game in the end. No bad moves, just "untimely" hitting.
  13. Lets put it this way... If Fredi leaves Nolasco out there, and he proceeds to give up a run or 2, it's Fredi's fault for not bringing in Gregg, and it's Fredi's fault (just like when people blamed Girardi for making his SP's throw too many pitchers). Seems like a manager can never win in that situation, with some fans. Bottom line is we got the W. Team achievement > Individual achievement. eh...I don't think anyone is saying Nolasco should have been left in just for the saking of notching a CG. He should have been left in because, at that point in time, you had to assume that he gave us our best chance to win the game. Who could blame Fredi for letting Nolasco pitch the 9th when he was plowing through the Rockies lineup with ease? I mean, as dominant as Nolasco was, it just made no sense to go to Gregg. Say what you will, but it was a flat out mistake. And it's one that Fredi makes more often than not.
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