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  1. Dolphins CEO Mike Dee says their future in Miami is "clearly bleak". They are refusing to "invest" any more of their own money into Sun Life Stadium. Can they possibly be even more tone deaf? Miami doesn't want yet another boondoggle. All their money is tied up in the monstrosity where the Orange Bowl used to be. I personally am pissed off that they demanded to piggyback on the measure to add a slot for MLS to the major-league sports sales tax break, which would've given Orlando City funds for a stadium to attract MLS.
  2. Ok, I can't even joke. That is how bad this team is. But so is Toronto and Houston! Don't forget the Cubs. :mischief
  3. We might be that team from major league. I saw this, and thought of the Rachel Phelps jigsaw pinup. Then I went to the office restroom and threw up lunch, breakfast, and last night's Oreos. Because we do not have an owner that passable for attractive, not to mention not being female. :banghead :confused
  4. Fort Lauderdale Strikers suck this year. Currently 0-1-3 (W-D-L) in the NASL spring season (they split their year in two this year). Miami launches an NPSL soccer team, Miami United. It's 4th tier, below NASL and USL Pro. Sun Life Stadium will host Group B in the CONCACAF Gold Cup on July 12. Trinidad and Tobago v. Haiti, then Honduras v. El Salvador. Spain's national team will host Haiti at Sun Life on June 8.
  5. I don't like the lighting they put on your showcase. I have a feeling the colors will look much better in person. At least they didn't try to do something too radical, like they did with the Fish. And it seems the only people who actually don't like the Jags unis are the reviewers. UniWatch savaged it. But what does he know?
  6. Someone on my Twitter feed retweeted this: @LoMoMarlins Logan Morrison A kid just walked up, hugged my leg & said "daddy". Not sure if realizing i wasnt his dad or the fact that I $hit my pants scared him off...
  7. So, how many no-nos will Mark Buehrle add to Marlins history? :mischief
  8. I bet Khan already has his lawyer looking at ways to get out of that contract, though. I hope they stay. just preparing for the worst. Not happening. Khan's company is the only company who provides bumpers to Toyota. Period. They also provide most of the bumpers used by the U.S. Big Three. Khan himself works with Southeast Toyota in Jacksonville, commuting there frequently, so he has more than a slight connection to the city. Weaver left money on the table to sell to somebody who would keep the Jaguars here. Ed Roski, the brains behind the City of Industry stadium project in LA, offered Weaver $800 million. He instead sold it to Khan for $760 million. Plus, I don't need to remind you guys this. The Jaguars this year are the highest-drawing NFL team in Florida. They've been outdrawing the Bucs 4 out of the last 7 years (and on-par 2 of the other 3). So despite the wet dreams of ESPN, the Jaguars are NOT leaving Jacksonville. Not now, nor anytime soon.
  9. I like him in the orange jersey, but the multi-color fin and pants need to go. :mischief
  10. A multi-colored fin is a bit much, but a little update isn't a bad thing. The changes made to Raymond were largely successful (until they changed the performer the next year).
  11. I like the Orange top. I may need to get one after all. Good homage to the Orange Bowl.
  12. I'm sure we could get Carlos Zambrano for a song. But if they're really going for Buehrle, they should focus on him. a Johnson-Buehrle front end would be absolutely dynamite. Getting Buehrle I think partly depends on how his relationship with Ozzie was when they were in Chicago.
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