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  1. Yelich to the Brewers according to Rosenthal.
  2. Day-to-day for the Marlins turns into weeks quite frequently.
  3. I haven't watched one game all season. I've lost interest in baseball/Marlins moons ago. I track the team occasionally, but I expect a sucky performance overall every year.
  4. yokofox33

    Nintendo Switch

    I'm a Nintendo fanboy, so I pre-ordered one. The lack of launch games and pricing of the accessories is disappointing though.
  5. I cried tears of joy when I finally saw the news. Really nice guy, but just is not suitable as a head coach. Who you guys want for the vacant HC position?
  6. Gonna have to brush up on my Japanese. Two JPN players now?!
  7. I will never doubt that heart, grit, and determination can't help you win baseball games or help you be a better baseball player. That game last night proved to me that heart does matter. Dee Gordon had no business hitting a HR. Bour no business hitting a triple. I don't even think we'd be upset if the team just couldn't perform overall. But they did. That was all heart. That was Jose. The scene last night may have been one of the greatest moments in MLB history, especially Dee's homerun. And I wish it had never taken place.
  8. This is amazing. I've ragged on this team all year, and now I feel like an absolute tool and idiot. I've never been so proud of this team, this group of guys, this franchise. I'm ashamed that a tragic event has made me realize that you never should never give up on something you love. I hope this group of players rallies around the memory of Jose next year and does something special. But I hope they end the year on bang first. Go Marlins. Go Jose.
  9. Not fair. I'm so sick right now. What a horrible loss of such a bright, happy, young life. I'm holding back tears like crazy right now. Sent from my iPhone using MarlinsBaseball.com mobile app
  10. Let's not forget I requested that image back near the trade deadline. You're welcome. Sent from my iPhone using MarlinsBaseball.com mobile app
  11. yokofox33

    9/5 Postgame

    I didn't even know we played a day game.
  12. Yep, I'm sure it's going something like this: Loria: Wait, we are paying virtually nothing for these acquisitions despite them backfiring? Hill: That's right! Loria: And who did we give up in exchange? Hill: Not many Ben Franklins if you catch my drift. *eye wink* Loria: EXTENSION! Samson: PENIS PUMP! Not my best work. I'm recovering from Strep throat.
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