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    4-20 Marlins at Brewers

    Richards struggling to find the strike zone
  2. I wasn't saying that as a negative (not "Oh look at this guy can't get out of Jupiter"). I meant it more in terms of, he's already in High A and the organization still has him playing SS. If anything he's on track or ahead of schedule. He made it to High A last year which is pretty fast if you ask me.

    4-19 Marlins at Brewers

    Ok we need a thread to at the very least acknowledge Brinsons two HRs tonight. I guess that break helped
  4. That would be nice. He turns 23 in September and he is still playing there in Jupiter. It’s probably too early to make that call but if he continues to hit well and gets a promotion to AA it will be interesting to see if they keep him there. Jax could have an Isan Diaz Joe Dunand MI.
  5. Joe Dunand...yea page 1. He is exciting.

    Where to sit?

    That depends. Will you have a car? If you have a car that is your best option. I'd advise to park at a house near the stadium. Cheapest and easiest way to get in and out. If you don't have a car there is a trolley that will take you from the stadium to a Metro Rail station. But I've never used this so I can't opine on it. If you're staying around Brickell that will mean you need to walk to the Metro Rail Station in Brickell and take it to the Civic Center stop where the City of Miami Trolley operates to Marlins Park (It's a little under a mile ride). http://www.miamigov.com/trolley/ Looks like the Trolley stops running at 11 pm. Not sure what your schedule is like. If the game runs late and you want to stay that may be cutting it close. But on game days maybe this runs later. There is always Uber. An Uber ride from your hotel to the stadium would be pretty short. If you wanted to ride the Metrorail/Trolley to the game, and then get an Uber back to the hotel that may be good too. Still though, I think driving yourself is the easiest if you're already renting a car.

    Dimelo, Miami

    Dangerous question. Considering this is a two toned cap
  8. I think he should have been sent down when Shuck was recalled. We have a group of guys getting close to being back on the team in Straily, Chen, Prado, and Riddle. Moves will be made. Brinson may survive it though. Riddle is not a guarantee for the 25 man roster. The two pitchers will bump two other pitchers. Prado is the one that could affect Brinson depending on how they plan on deploying Prado. Telis is out of options so he seems unlikely to go down. Yadiel Rivera makes sense but that would leave Rojas as the only guy on the team capable of playing SS. That leaves Brinson and Shuck. I’d prefer to see Brinson to go down. This spring the big concern was gaining that extra year of control by holding him down. At this point that is secondary to getting him back on track developmentally. Whether that is better to be done in New Orleans or with the big league club I do not know. One more interesting note on Brinson, he has surpassed is plate appearances from last year. https://www.fangraphs.com/statss.aspx?playerid=14352&position=OF Walk rate is WAY down. K rate is the same. BABIP is slightly up but still terrible. His wRC+ is -14.

    april 17 nny vs marlins

    I wonder if all the media snark will acknowledge the beating the Yanks are getting from a so called AAA team

    april 17 nny vs marlins

    Bold prediction: García won’t finish this game

    april 17 nny vs marlins

    Takes the sting out of losing the legendary Chad Wallach

    april 17 nny vs marlins

    Attention no hitter crybabies. Jarlin got his 9 innings of no hit baseball in

    april 17 nny vs marlins

    Prima Donna: “I’m done with the Marlins I’m a free agent” later...prima Donna seen at game with marlin shirt