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    Teal Throwbacks Back in 2019

    That not at all what I was suggesting they do

    Teal Throwbacks Back in 2019

    Why though. They did it this year by shrinking the hat logo. You’re obviously more up on the uniform rules of MLB than I am so tell me what they are. I know professional tackle football is strict on the frequency of changes and number of alternates. The collegiate variety allows a lot of things many of which get dropped seemingly out of the sky mid season (like the Gators green uniforms last year). What would prevent the marlins doing something minor like having a second cap that was just black and white? Same logo with scaled back colors. I don’t think it’s smart to go around changing things constantly. Consistency has virtue. Do you think that it is completely out of the realm of possibility that they may want to explore all options with the current template before exploring a rebrand? Just asking. I’m just a guy. Maybe you’re not and you know things.

    Teal Throwbacks Back in 2019

    Others have disagreed with this notion in the past but I still think retooling the current brand next year is a possibility while they still sort out what they want to look like over the long term. The well discussed media materials focusing on black and the current social media accounts showing a white M on black all suggest that they’re at least tinkering with the current marks.
  4. After nearly a year of ownership Jeter has still not shown signs of improving his tone when answering questions that could in anyway lend themselves to a critical line of questioning. He mastered the athlete non answer when he was young. He looks so stiff as a office man. Having said that it’s difficult to read between the lines on this one. My read on it is that he knows people are upset, things may not be going exactly as he envisioned, and it comes out in answers like this even when there is nothing in it in terms of Mattingly’s future here

    9/12 A pair of games

    Wheeler looking strong out of the gate .....who’s with me???!!!!

    9/12 A pair of games

    Damn. Only one game tonight. Would have been awesome....

    9/12 A pair of games

    This is going to be an epic game thread


    Saw this today and thought this crew would enjoy it
  9. Does this mean I can go back to being Quinton McCracken?


    I want to time travel back to March and post this

    *Far Out* Draft Talk

    Haha! Sometimes facts get in the way of a good narrative.

    Rest in Peace, Marlins HR Sculpture

    I know it’s dumb but this also bothers me.

    Rest in Peace, Marlins HR Sculpture

    I’ve dedicated very little time to discussing or even thinking about the home run sculpture, so forgive me if this has been mentioned before. Considering the uproar it seems to create, I find the sculpture’s operating effects to be pretty muted and underwhelming. This isn’t a critique, just an observation. I don’t care what happens to it, but if it does go away I would like to think that they made it go away because they already had something specific in mind for that area.


    even though the result held up tonight this duo isn’t reliable

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