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  1. Holly made an observation about the OF shadows. The batters eye is in the shadows, the hitter is in the shadows and then it’s sun in between. That seems to be unique to marlins park. I wonder if that additional layer of contrast makes a difference ?
  2. I can’t explain why but the contrast between the sun and the shade at marlins park looks far greater than those other pictures. Maybe it’s the time of day. Those LA shadows are late afternoon.
  3. I noticed it during a brewers game earlier in the year wish I had taken a screen shot. That park has been open for a long time and I’ve never heard a complaint.
  4. Honest question here. Obviously it’s a problem for them. But what is it about the marlins park shadows that are different than other parks when the game enters that part of the day?
  5. Wonder what the exit velocity was on that
  6. That’s some frustrating baserunnkng
  7. Who honestly had Matt Adams hitting oppo on the shift ?
  8. These black jerseys have too much blue and red
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