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    7-20 Marlins @ Tampa Bay

    Tough night for Robertson. That ninth was ridiculous. Lopez tomorrow.

    7-20 Marlins @ Tampa Bay

    Robertson is the reason this isn’t a loss already

    7-20 Marlins @ Tampa Bay

    Claw is sick in his hotel

    7-20 Marlins @ Tampa Bay


    7-20 Marlins @ Tampa Bay

    I’m such a loser for liking my team.

    7-20 Marlins @ Tampa Bay

    So far so good. Picking up where we left off

    7-20 Marlins @ Tampa Bay

    Totally. Kelly Sacco was laughing right at Robertson on the replay
  8. https://www.tampabay.com/blogs/rays/2018/07/19/marc-topkin-rays-should-trade-chris-archer/ Interesting to see a player talk like this. It isn’t unusual to see veteran players be vocal about wanting to win, or move to a winning team, but to see a guy go to the press and essentially lobby the team to move older guys more quickly seems to break from a norm. There’s not really a Winter 2017/2018 Marlins tie in here because the Rays and Marlins aren’t really in the same place on the competitive timeline. But for all the conversation regarding Realmuto and whether or not he wanted/wants to be here there could be some takeaways. Roster development is fluid. Players can have a change of attitude. I’m not going to do a deep internet dive to support this I’m going to guess that Archer had a less than enthusiastic reaction to the Rays offseason this past winter.
  9. They’ve been abundantly clear that they’re just getting started.

    The Keep JT Realmuto Thread

    Eugenio Suarez looks like his heart is breaking

    In game audio

    Yes and the league folded it. This is a summary and I’m probably missing a lot of the story. basically back then the league owned and operated most of the teams with a couple exceptions. The league was hemorrhaging cash and needed to fold two clubs. They decided on the two Florida teams because they were league owned and no local ownership wanted to step in and take the reins. LaMar Hunt and Robert Kraft both owned teams that were worse off but those were spared because of the outside investment. I think Hunt even owned two teams. Real shit show.

    Can Miami MLS play in Marlins Park permanently?

    No. Baseball stadium for baseball. If they want to share facilities (which MLS is adamantly against) they should get visit Stephen Ross to talk about that. That league won’t allow it anyway because they’re requiring all newer teams in o play in facilities that their owner controls revenue from.

    In game audio

    I believe MLS is a weekend event so the games affected will be weekend games which teams rely on for an attendance boost. Just a thought. I’m not completely dialed into MLS

    In game audio

    I always park in the neighborhood around the same spot and walk the same path to the park so I haven’t really noticed the tenants/vacancies on the storefronts, but from what I can tell they’re all empty. Maybe I’ve missed something, but I remember when the uproar over the parking garages was going on the team really sold that street level storefront concept and as far as I can tell it has been a complete failure. Pre and post game activities cannot be concocted by the team. It is part of the culture of a particular area. Floridians are tailgaters by nature. I loved that about playing at Joe Robbie. No, it wasn’t a robust tailgate scene like you would see at a football game but you could do it if you really wanted. The neighborhood ballpark model in Florida is going to take a very long time to gather steam pre and post game. This one may cost more money than the team is willing to spend but I think the stadium design in left field falls a little short in two areas. First, the static portion of the roof in left field should have been constructed with EFTE panels like they used in Minneapolis as to allow more natural light through and give the illusion that the sliding doors are even larger. Second, the doors should have been constructed to slide out further. The second point isn’t as big of a deal. If you’re talking about places to put standing room/drinking areas the place where the home run sculpture sits would be a good one. I don’t need either so I don’t have a dog in the fight, nor do I want to start the fight, but it would work there. With capacity already extremely low I can’t imagine the team taking more seats out to make for standing room, regardless of attendance issues. The hope would be that attendance doesn’t remain at current levels. Someone mentioned the soccer stadium….the idea of putting it by Marlins park has been permanently shelved so that won’t happen. More on soccer….is anyone concerned that a local MLS side will provide another element which hurts Marlins attendance? Personally I don’t think so, but I also don’t think that thing will succeed (which is a topic for another forum)

    In game audio

    I missed that. When was that said? Re in game experience less is more IMO. Fans make the in game experience. Unfortunately that’s a problem for us at the moment.

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