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  1. I’ve noticed a change in the ticket prices in the online secondary market this year. In the past it was very easy to get big discounts on tickets through seat Greek and stub hub the week before a game. this year it is very different. Inventory is very low on those online markets and whatever tickets are there really aren’t discounted much at all. Anyone have any theories as to why that would be? I was thinking perhaps older sponsorship deals from the Loris/Samson era included big ticket packages for those sponsors which were then handed out to employees or clients by that sponsor. This in turn gives people a free ticket to sling online thus saturating the market further. Of course these tickets were all included in the attendance count using the old method. Perhaps these deals expired and the new corporate sponsorship deals negotiated by chip bowers and Jeter did not include ticket packages that were as generous if you want to be super conspiracy about it, the marlins buy up all discounted tickets to force people into buying direct from the team. But I don’t believe that to be so. I went to some games on st Pete in the past and the rays online secondary ticket market wasn’t very fruitful. So I’m thinking they didn’t saturate the market with ticket giveaways either. Makes me think my theoRy has somethjng to it.
  2. It’s very simple. Every great crowd in sports has a hearty bandwagon. You’re not going to find 40,000 fans that will live and die with a team under every circumstance. We don’t have a bandwagon. To get one we must be good for a prolonged period of time. We’ve never done that. Once that happens then maybe our bandwagon will assemble and create the much needed atmosphere. But until then no amount of parties en el parque or uniform changes or instruments or whatever else marketing come up with is going to create an atmosphere. People do. We need a bandwagon. Every great crowd has a significant bandwagon.
  3. Now he’s up in the big leagues. Gettin his turn at bat
  4. Probably means the exact terms can be renewed twice at five year intervals. The rest of the lease likely says which party (probably both) are responsible for exercising the option. Otherwise it has to be renegotiated
  5. Let’s sticky this to stymie Jeter relocation conspiracy talk
  6. Throw was off but cooper should come up with that one
  7. Two good starts in a row wasted
  8. Remember last year when jarlin garcia got a lot of people fired up for a week
  9. Damn. Two days in a row where BA couldn’t quite leg one out for an infield RBI single
  10. Acuña pimped that pretty good
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