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  1. JP Arencibia looks disoriented
  2. Does Rojas still do the shaving cream routine?
  3. A W!!!! Brian Anderson shows emotion!
  4. Caleb Smith’s family already has a nickname for him
  5. Romo takes a ball in the pen. Hopefully Conley pitches to Soto only.
  6. I know people are hard on her but she doesn’t bother me. I watch most of the panthers games too so she and Craig are mainstays on my TV. I guess I’m used to them.
  7. I don’t think so. Todd Kalas had that roving reporter job forever until Houston hired him as PbP a couple years ago.
  8. We have an opportunity to win. We need six outs. We’ve only won four games this year. If we give the ball to Conley then mattingly needs to get grilled in the post game by our tenacious press corps
  9. Jessica Blaylock will be out of a job by the end of the night
  10. Party is over baseball fans. Here comes Conley
  11. Good work by Smith to keep that runner on third from scoring
  12. Kelly obviously reading the forum and responding to our hat conversation in the main board
  13. Milhouse only has eyes for Lisa
  14. Drop shadows aren’t my favorite. I wonder if they’d ever consider just doing a blue outline without the red.
  15. They should put those lids on that are used for coffee. Where you pull the tab back and you drink from the notch. I’d rather that than a paper straw
  16. “Why didn’t I think of that!” - Jeter
  17. @SixYearItch you don’t sound happy with your experience
  18. Of the guys on the 25 man roster right now , the following are the ones I think we need to see do well: Alfaro, Brinson, Anderson, Alcantara, Richards, Lopez, Smith. Of those seven we’ve seen good things at times from all but Brinson and Anderson. Anderson will come around I feel. When you dial into certain guys and forget about the abysmal run production, bullpen, and wins totals there are tiny nuggets of intrigue hows that for a compliment? That aside. Yea we watch games to win so this season sucks from that standpoint
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