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  1. Sorry I’ll try again. Rebrand!!!!
  2. I feel like last year they aired the first cards marlins game in the spring with a split booth. Cards PBP and Hollandsworth.
  3. No. That tweet is saying they’re seventh best of the nine lists they’ve released so far
  4. The number of decisions made on playing time already in February is interesting. Urena opening day; Anderson full time 3B. O’Brien in right, walker at first. I would have thought position battles would have played out longer
  5. I know you all have probably seen this already but these photos are beautiful and should be included here
  6. That really was awful. Pregame assault by DJ Khalid followed by that.
  7. Just saw this published yesterday. https://www.fangraphs.com/prospects/the-board Bryson Stott UNLV ranked fourth
  8. this re the international slot money. I’m not certain this is right. Interesting comment by joe
  9. Just browsing through posts on social media where fans shared photos of themselves with players I noticed a handful where the fan had last years home jersey alongside the player wearing the new one. It really illustrates the upgrade.
  10. VV Mesa, Granderson, Bryce Harper
  11. @Rydawg I had the same thought but as Jack says here it’s the same period. The next years pool amounts haven’t been set yet. Although I don’t know why they wouldn’t be allowed to move those amounts yet. Other leagues allow you to trade future draft picks
  12. Yea where have you been. They tore down a sub .500 dynasty. People are going to stop coming to games now
  13. Yes. It’s 75%. And as someone else stated you can only acquire additional money in 250k increments so this was the max amount they could have acquired. I’m not certain what their remaining pool balance is after the Mesas deal. Yolbert Sanchez just became eligible this week but this article makes it seem he’s in no rush to sign. https://www.mlb.com/news/yolbert-sanchez-soon-eligible-to-sign/c-303499974
  14. Also I’ve spent all day driving all over three counties today...which figures turns out to be the day JT gets traded.
  15. The Marlins thoroughly explored all options on this one. They obviously asked for more than what several teams were willing to part with. They played multiple team offers against one another. This is exactly what you want from your front office because that’s how you figure out what Max market value is for your asset. It’s exactly what people were screaming about last year when it seemed like only St Louis and San Francisco were trade partners for Stanton. So I don’t get or appreciate any LOL Marlins type of reaction to this trade. Particularly the variety of “well they could have done that months ago”. This is what he’s worth. Hope these guys work out. Really excited about Sixto
  16. I wonder how Astros fans generally feel about the DH. I would think their enjoyment of baseball hasn’t been hindered by their league change. Of course it help when you win the WS....
  17. There are conditions. https://www.fanatics.com/jersey-assurance/x-2132+z-932267037-343285709
  18. Glad I got jersey assurance from fanatics on my wittgren BP jersey seriously though I haven’t read through any of this or even thought about the transaction. Just wanted to say I liked wittgren. I think there’s a place for him in a good bullpen and I’m sorry he’s gone.
  19. Found this on another site. Imagine seeing this and then having the other delivered.
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