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  1. It’s getting close. I understand this season keeping him. There were innings that needed an arm. The team wasn’t going to be good. All bets are off now
  2. I agree. Selfishly I like 1 pm Sunday and 4-6 on Saturday. But I get not everyone has my schedule. Having a Saturday night game helps people like @Italian Marlins Fan So it’s probably good to keep a weekend night option available too. Whatever schedule casts the widest net to give everyone an option.
  3. I’m curious to hear what everyone here has to say about the idea regarding the early start times for weekday games next season? The easy cynical response would go something like “HAHAHA Jeter doesn’t understand Miami time….everyone is always late now you’re making the games earlier”. I think it is the sort of thing that is really difficult to project and the only way to know if it would impact attendance positively is if you actually test it out. Personally, I live too far as it is to attend weekday games. Regarding TV though, I can see myself missing early innings a lot more as a result because I often have things going on during that time of day. But if it means being able to stay up and see the end of games, or allowing my younger kids to stay up and see those innings where things are tight and competitive, then it could have a positive impact that doesn’t necessarily reflect in the gate number. The gate matters, but its about so much more than the gate. I feel like this decision is being made with children in mind and also to entice the work crowd to leave their office and go right to the game. The kids angle may work for people that are relatively close to the stadium. I’m not sure about the work crowd. I used to work in downtown Miami. Granted this was a while ago and I had a different job back then. Hours were rough. Fitting in anything social was not happening for me. But hey, small sample size, n=1, and all that. Hope it works out on all fronts. Go Fish. #F-YeaJeter
  4. Sometime this summer some pieces from the lease were posted here. The language had something about the obligation to play games in Miami. I could be remembering wrong but I thought it said they had to play all 81 games. If that is the case there can be other sections that permit special events like the game played at the army base, this series in PR, and any other international promotional series. I’m curious to know how the language works in the lease to protect the county and city and still allow for the marlins to take part in events like this one in Puerto Rico
  5. You’re right. But we can still complain in the short term
  6. Remember how happy we all were on the trade deadline ?
  7. F the Braves and this inning
  8. What the hell is up with this routine severino did telling Kelly to bother the radio guys. Very weird
  9. You know why people keep visiting his office? They always come away in stitches.
  10. Nice to see Brinson get a couple hits last night. This team is not trying to win or trying to lose games. The games are played everyday and the outcomes aren’t really important. Prior to the trade deadline it seems to me sitting on my couch that the team was gaining a lot of confidence and putting together lots of great games. The deadline deals were exciting. We dealt from our pitching. But as a result of that and IL players we’ve been forced to give starts to guys like Robert Dugger. Now it’s really just about giving the right players the right amount of work against the right level of competition. Next spring training is going to be really exciting. The 25 man roster is going to be really exciting next year after whatever date passes that needs to be passed for service time manipulation
  11. Brinson: “you guys want another shot at turning two?”
  12. This is great. Half the league is all white the other half is all black. Now the uniform nerds can lay off the marlins alternate for a while and hate on these instead
  13. No he’s a fucking loser and anyone who uses hyperbole like that is wrong.
  14. Here’s the data. 2019 and 2017 AAA plate appearances are nearly equal
  15. I can’t remember the context of this. The player, the media members discussing it…they are all forgotten. But fairly recently I heard a discussion about the difference between young and old prospects and prospects with loads of MiLB AB’s and prospects with very few. The discussion centered mostly on comparing the International FA’s to college draftees. If you take two 22 year old MiLB players, one from college the other an IFA, the IFA has way more MiLB AB’s than the college draftee. Even though they’re the same age their experience isn’t comparable. That’s not to say one has better experience than the other, it’s just that they are different. I really haven’t spent any serious amount of time pouring over JJ Bleday’s stats since he signed but I’d imagine they’re not as good as you thought they’d be on draft day simply because adjusting to professional pitching takes time. Connor Scott has been a lot better lately than he was late last summer and early this season. The experience set it. Then you’ve also got players that sign internationally at an extremely young age like Victor Mesa Jr. Those players are going to take a lot of years in the minors to get ready. This is all a precursor to me making a comment on Lewis Brinson. Brinson has been playing minor league baseball since he was 18. By this age one would really hope that he would have been in the majors making terrific contributions. He’s 25 with 8 seasons of minor league baseball. Eventually you have to make it happen. Lewis had the unfortunate distinction of being the closest to the major leagues among all the prospects received in those first big three trades two years ago. We were a poor farm system. We had moved the big names. The assets received were far from being ready and none of them were big names that the average ballpark goer would know. Even if you took the time to educate someone as to the reason for each trade (Stanton’s contract relief, etc) the big point to be made was that the Yelich trade was the one that was going to bring the most prizes. So there is Brinson, in the context of all that was going on, the Coral Springs kid, thrust into the starting lineup. His struggles became so bad you had to feel sorry for him. Lots of first round picks never make it. Lots of first round picks take a long time to make it if they do. Lots of first round picks aren’t stars but they do turn into useful members of a 25 man roster. Brinson doesn’t look like a star. I don’t think anyone is expecting that from him anymore. But with the massive shift in the quality of our farm system I think there is a sense that less is riding on Brinson’s success than people thought there was a year ago. There was a long debate last season on this board about his inclusion on the opening day roster. Most of the criticism focused on starting his service time clock. In hindsight this is hilarious because now I think everyone is just hoping he has a MLB career that has some meaning for the club. He finally got that reprieve from the spotlight this season and has spent considerable time in AAA. The last time he spent this sort of time in AAA was in 2017. When you compare the two there isn’t progress For someone of Brinson’s pedigree the minors are all about preparing yourself to play in MLB. He struck out a lot more this year than in 2017. Maybe that doesn’t matter. Maybe the Marlins org. has him approaching AB’s differently than Milwaukee’s. His HR’s are down. Well, in 2017 he played in Colorado Springs which probably is good for a bump in fly balls turning into home runs. But, doubles are slightly down. Walks are exactly equal. Just scratching the surface on stats things don’t look drastically different or better for Brinson. Maybe there is underlying stuff that is more promising. His time has to be now. He’s very lucky in that there aren’t any really exciting center field options that are sitting right in front of us. There isn’t a Harold Ramirez of center field on the roster. If that were the case then I’d say he’s finished. I don’t think Mag. Sierra (remember him? Anyone?) is any competition to him. CF is a bit of a need really, which is why we had to suffer through JT Riddle playing there for so many games
  16. Are we going off mish and his sources or did the team release something. I’m not seeing anything official
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