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  1. Maybe a little late, but let me throw in my two cents. It is possible to use Invision Power Board (any version) for free...not Invisionfree, IPB. IPB itself costs nothing. They have an unlimited free trial version that a lot of people use. Also, it is possible to get free PHP/MySQL hosting for it for free, a good Google search will turn up a lot of results. As far as managing members, IPB is as good as any forum in that respect. There's not much more you can do than there is on IPB. You'll only run into problems with IP's if they have a dynamic IP, or are smart enough to use a Proxy server to
  2. Close one between Giants and Indians
  3. ahhhh, we'll he should have got the money. look at his stats this year, and if he keeps this up for the rest of his detroit stay, than we look more stupid. we should have resigned pudge with a contract like the one he has with detroit. its something like, if he gets injured and is put on the DL for a long time, the contract is terminated or something. 438292[/snapback] We'd love to be able to afford that kind of contract...but we can't
  4. Congrats Admin!!!! I won't be able to watch it, I live in San Francisco...some one put it on the site Mention that none of it would've been possible without "Nielsosky" :lol "
  5. It's very close...either way works :cool Penny has a better ERA though, and has been more consistent.
  6. It could either be a hugegame, or it could knock the air out of the Marlins...I hate starting Oliver when our offense is struggling, so we'd better get some hits tonight.
  7. There's no way we can keep Oliver in the rotation and send Willis to the bullpen. Wayne Rosenthal can work these things out...hopefully while keeping Willis' delivery the same. I think we should keep Willis in the rotation...he started the season 3-0.
  8. We need to give Harris a chance. We're aren't doing great lately, no one can deny that, and he could be a surprise for us, he really could. He's done good so far this year, you gotta give him a chance.
  9. Heh, tha'ts cool. I sued to live in Michigan, and I still like the Pistons.
  10. Borowski has been sucking all year...any success last year was a flike IMO. And what's the point of emoticon-only posts??
  11. We need many people going to a few games here and there. Not a select few going to 40. I would if I lived maybe like 10 states closer to Florida...I live in San Francisco, but it's really a pity I can't support them by going to games very much...
  12. In my mind, the single most disgraceful fan is the one that starts wearing his Marlins jersey when they win the World Series, and then decides to become a basketball fan instead when the Fish drop out of the division. I can't say I care for fans that become Marlins fans when the go to the playoffs. A true fan is any fan that has stuck with the Marlins through slumps and losing season. Lots of people can't make many games because of their schedule or residence, but they can still be a true fan. A true fan in my mind is some one that sticks with their team no matter what.
  13. Here's something not hard to imagine: some one closing this soon. Plz plz plz
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