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  1. Marlins Phenom

    Realmuto updates and rumors

  2. Marlins Phenom

    Realmuto updates and rumors

    This post must be looked back upon in 5 or 6 years.
  3. Marlins Phenom

    Jose Iglesias???

    Again, let’s sign a guy who can barely hit and has zero power. Fits right in...
  4. Marlins Phenom

    Jose Iglesias???

    Avg! The deciding factor on how good of a hitter you are lol!! I never said to sign Manny but yeah lets make assumptions for the heck of it.
  5. Marlins Phenom

    Jose Iglesias???

    Sounds great! Bring another guy who can’t hit. Exactly what this team needs.
  6. Marlins Phenom

    Unveiling of new logos and uniforms

  7. Marlins Phenom

    Unveiling of new logos and uniforms

    I don't know if this is real but ran across this..
  8. Marlins Phenom

    New Logo Coming

    I just thought of something. MLB All Stars vs Japans ends on Thursday Nov 15. It could be why they decided to wait until that day to announce their new colors and logo.
  9. Marlins Phenom

    New Logo Coming

  10. Marlins Phenom

    Victor Victor officially declared free agent

    No, but they did trade one during the regular season.
  11. Marlins Phenom

    Craig Mish defends the Yelich trade

    How about the fact he is playing in the central now. Bunch of hitters park. Travel is a lot better where he is now then playing in Miami.
  12. Marlins Phenom

    Tayron Guerrero

    Time. Give him some time.
  13. Marlins Phenom

    Brian Anderson compared to other NL rookies

    Some of those ranking are incorrect. Acuna and Soto both have a higher avg. Acuna has a higher OBP, War, SLG. Soto has higher OBP, SLG, tied in War
  14. Marlins Phenom

    Players Weekend


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