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  1. The 2006 team started 11-31. Think we could give a good shot of being worse after 42 games given we’re now 5-15.
  2. Brinson with a 3 run HR and 3 strikeouts...HE’S STANTON V2.0!
  3. Imagine thinking before the season that Urena would have a 14-6 record and a solid mid 3's ERA
  4. It would be nice to have a winning season, even if just 82-80. I know it doesn't mean much in the grand scheme of things but would at least suggest some progress has been made.
  5. This franchise keeps giving me reasons to quit on them but never would I be able to support another team.
  6. Late inning go ahead homers are just magical.
  7. From Clark Spencer: Dillon Peters with another strong outing Fri. for @JaxShrimp. Did not allow a run on 4 hits over 6 2/3. Has 1.97 ERA and 0.96 WHIP in 9 sts.
  8. I know the statue idea likely won't happen now but bit surprised they never went ahead and officially retired his number despite the alcohol/cocaine news coming out. Has anyone heard any more on if they plan to retire #16? Maybe on the one year anniversary at the end of September?
  9. So providing the Dbacks don't overturn a 9 run deficit today, we're going to be only 6 games back with 40 to play. This week we have 7 against the Phillies/Padres so potential to keep our good run going...
  10. I've already seen tonights episode...OMG.
  11. Agreed, I really enjoyed my few days there last summer. It was a nice city to just walk around in.
  12. Don't see why everyone is so desperate to remove it. It's been there for 6 seasons now, it's part of the ballpark. What else would they do with the space? Can't fit additional seats in there so it would look very empty without it.
  13. Why are we so bad against the Braves? 3-7 on the season against them.
  14. And we all thought Ramos 9th innings were rollercoasters...
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