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  1. Nice! I bought mine for 3 bucks at "Dynasty Apparel". They make shirts for the team. They also made the 2003 champion shirts. Where's that at? It's on Le Jeune rd. It's right by the Opa-Locka Hialeah Flea Market. Can I get an exact address. I feel like driving. maybe a open to close time? Dynasty Apparel Industries 13000 NW 42nd Ave - Miami, FL 33054 USA Tel: 305-685-3490 . 800-833-8337 . Fax: 305-687-1393 Let us know how it goes. :thumbup
  2. top 5 OPSs in the NL 1) Hanley Ramirez 1.588 2) Joey Votto 1.571 3) Jorge Cantu 1.458 4) Brian McCann 1.444 5) Emilio Bonifaco 1.442 So awesome.
  3. Fish17

    Pick The First

    Hit - Baker Double - Hanley Triple - Maybin HR - Hermy RBI - Cantu Run Scored - Hanley Stolen Base - Bonaficio +1 Caught Stealing - H2R Error - Bonifacio Win - Nolasco +1 2
  4. A little off topic but I'm going up to UCF in Orlando in June... does anyone know if I'll get FSN/SUN up there?
  5. Hopefully he remains their closer when they play us - lol.
  6. Just a heads up that the game'll be broadcast tomorrow at 1pm.
  7. Woo I get to seee JJ and ricky pitch tomorrow here in Ft lauderdale. According to gafner( I know i spelled that wrong) on 790 they both will pitch tommorow. Sweet! I'm going tomorrow as well and was trying to figure out who was pitching.
  8. "We were standing right by the gate while Ross and Uggla were taking the final swings of the day. " I think I was sitting on the bleachers right behind you and your son while you were taking those pictures. Nothing like watching the fish up close like that.
  9. Well deserved. I'm happy with Fredi.
  10. Baker is the #2 hitter. -He's patient -He gets on base -He makes contact, for the most part...considering this is a team that K's a lot, Baker's the best option here. If you see / hear Hanley's quote, he talks about how there's more pressure on him this year b/c he now, along with Cantu and Uggla, will be counted on to drive in runs. Then he also says it's the job of the #1 / #2 hitters to get on base for them (something Baker showed all last year that he can do better than anyone on this team, not named Hanley). Of course, Hanley mentioned Bonifacio (someone who shouldn't be hitting 2nd any time soon b/c he's the opposite of what I just said about Baker). Fully agree with that. Baker is deffinetly the right fit for the #2 hole, if he can hit like he did last year. If Hermida can live up to his potential, I can see him moving into the 2 spot in may or june. I remember when he hit in the 2 behind hanley last year for a little while, he was doing great. A first five of Maybin, Baker, Hanley, Uggla, Cantu looks great to me.
  11. PHOENIX (AP) ? Second baseman Dan Uggla went to a salary arbitration hearing with the Florida Marlins on Wednesday, asking that he be awarded his request of $5.35 million rather the team's offer of $4.4 million. Uggla hit .260 with 32 homers and 92 RBIs last year, his third straight season of 27 or more homers and 88 or more RBIs. Eligible for arbitration for the first time, he made $417,000 in 2008. Arbitrators Richard Bloch, Fredric Horowitz and Steven Wolf heard the case and were likely to issue a decision Thursday.
  12. Is it an OMLB and how much are you selling for?
  13. and it's rumored that one of the concerts is going to be The Village People. And everyone wonders why nobody comes to the games. :shifty
  14. Yep. every day he remains a FA, the better. spring training can't come soon enough.
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