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  1. Inside the Battle for the Marlins

    Jorge Mas has entered the fray as a local contender.

    Urena has been a pleasant surprise this season. Good to see him on a nice run.
  3. Hech of a trade

    Would you not rather have Rojas start over Riddle when he's due back around the All Star Break?
  4. 6/18 post game

    Big picture we are 13-7 in our last 20 which represents a massive improvement on the stretch before however these last 2 losses have been frustrating as hell.
  5. 6/17/17 POST GAME

    Very frustating to give up a 7-3 lead. Poor game for Stanton and Ozuna.
  6. Vance Worley

    It is sad that this guy is still getting starts.
  7. Marlins Trade Rumors

    See if somehow we do get within touching distance of a wildcard spot over the summer - look at our September schedule. 15 games against the Braves and Phillies. We could make a late push....
  8. 6/4 Postgame

    Cubs and Pirates are bang average at the moment. Another strong week and we could almost start thinking about getting back into the wildcard mix althought I accept this is not anywhere close to being a playoff team.
  9. 6/3 Post No-Hitter

    Agreed however I'd rather run the course of the season like last year when we were contenders for 2/3 of the way then slip back to the pack late as opposed to bombing in May and knowing the season is over early as we have dug ourselves too big a hole.
  10. 6/3 Post No-Hitter

    That horrible stretch in May is even more frustrating now that we have shown on this homestand that at times we can be a fun and decent team.
  11. 5/30 Postgame

    3 in a row OMG
  12. As Harper said, why would Strickland still hold a grudge when ultimately the Giants won the WS that year? Very selfish.
  13. Justin Nicolino

    Guess just the way this week has been a bit weird schedule wise with two off days. Nicolino is starting game two in the Philly series.
  14. Marlins Trade Rumors

    Shouldn't we keep Straily since he's been our only good SP this year and is under team control for the next 4 years?
  15. 5/20/2017 Postgame thread

    Hopefully the scuffles on Friday night has injected some passion back into this team and we'll start winning some more games.