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  1. Explosions heard at Manchester Arena

    22 confirmed dead so far. Disgraceful.
  2. 5/20/2017 Postgame thread

    Hopefully the scuffles on Friday night has injected some passion back into this team and we'll start winning some more games.
  3. 5/18/17 Post Game

    Is this the worst stretch in franchise history? Now 4-18 since leaving San Diego.
  4. 5/17/17 Post Game & End of Horrible Home Performance

    The thing is losing on a daily basis no longer annoys me this season. It's just sad. Feel very disconnected from this team.
  5. 5/17 Astros vs Marlins

    Dee Gordon playing lazy has cost us a few runs.
  6. Nats, Harper agreed 1-year deal

    If Stanton managed to get $325m, Harper deserves more.
  7. Koehler sent to AAA

    Volquez - spent time on DL Conley - in AAA Koehler - in AAA Chen - on DL Straily - pitched pretty well Hey guys, one out of five ain't bad...?
  8. Call him up to the Show.....
  9. Blow The Whole Thing Up

    It's just embarassing when the Front Office says ok, we don't have great starting pitching so we'll assemble a formidable bullpen. Then they fail to sign a marquee name like Chapman or Jensen. They then say they'll go for strong depth but Tazawa and Ziegler (of late) have absolutely flopped. To summarise, it just highlights how inept our management is but we all knew that anyway.
  10. 5/14/17 MOTHER'S DAY POST GAME

    If baseball was only played on Sundays, our 5-1 record would look pretty nice in the standings.
  11. 5/14/17 Mother's Day Game Atlanta @ Marlins, 1:10 PM

    Phelps now with 9 consecutive scoreless innings, allowing only 1 hit in the process. Good job.
  12. 5/14/17 Mother's Day Game Atlanta @ Marlins, 1:10 PM

    Tyler bleepin' Moore
  13. 5/12/17 Post Game

    During a slump like this, his pitching ability aside, I wonder how much impact not having Jose's energy around the locker room has impacted the team in trying to get things going again compared to past years?
  14. Marlins Man's Guest Flashes Pitcher

    Can I bid for the middle blonde one in this years Marlins Fantasy Auction?