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    So providing the Dbacks don't overturn a 9 run deficit today, we're going to be only 6 games back with 40 to play. This week we have 7 against the Phillies/Padres so potential to keep our good run going...
  2. Koehler traded to Blue Jays

    Koehler away must mean one thing...bring back Tommy Hutton!
  3. Game of Thrones

    I've already seen tonights episode...OMG.
  4. Favorite vacation spot

    Agreed, I really enjoyed my few days there last summer. It was a nice city to just walk around in.
  5. Don't see why everyone is so desperate to remove it. It's been there for 6 seasons now, it's part of the ballpark. What else would they do with the space? Can't fit additional seats in there so it would look very empty without it.
  6. 8/2/17 POST GAME & Braves Speculation

    Why are we so bad against the Braves? 3-7 on the season against them.
  7. Ziegler activated

    And we all thought Ramos 9th innings were rollercoasters...
  8. It's easy to blame the pitching however going into yesterday's game we were 18th in runs scored and 18th in runs allowed. Both sides of our team are as mediocre as the other even if the perception is that we have an alright offense.
  9. Favorite vacation spot

  10. Favorite vacation spot

    For a long weekend city break, Barcelona is up there.
  11. Game of Thrones

    Bit of an underwhelming return however it did serve the purpose of reestablishing various storylines.
  12. 2017 Half Season Award

    You've missed our MVP from the poll. Marcell Ozuna.
  13. Game of Thrones

    One week to go!
  14. Marlins Sale Rumors

    Jorge Mas has entered the fray as a local contender.

    Urena has been a pleasant surprise this season. Good to see him on a nice run.