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  1. Chad Wallach for MVP
  2. Don Mattingly We don’t really have an MVP caliber player so I’ll go with the manager who was a part of every game and took a team with a -46 run differential to the playoffs. Most managers would be getting more credit in this scenario so I had to do it.
  3. What’s the worst run differential ever for a playoff team? I want to break that record and then win the World Series.
  4. Is Edward Cabrera available out of the bullpen? I hope he gets to pitch this weekend.
  5. If you sat through Jorge Julio and Heath Bell closing games, this playoff berth is for us.
  6. I know he was the throw-in, but he was actually pretty good for Tampa, mostly in an opener role. I don’t see why he can’t be effective in another role/inning though. Either way, he won’t be pitching in many meaningful situations in the playoffs, I guess.
  7. Would be nice to get the Rays version of Stanek for the playoffs. He’s been bad here.
  8. Isn’t this a great game to watch? I have not watched a game like this in a long time.
  9. For what it’s worth, it seems like there’s a possibility the Padres could be without their top two starters so that could change things.
  10. I’m not even sure if I want that. We’ll be underdogs either way, but I think the Padres are tougher than the Cubs. Plus, I’d rather just play the Cubs at this point to keep up with the 2003 vibes.
  11. I’m going to remember “ROJAS...to first...There it is! There it is!”
  12. Last night was the first night when I truly liked our broadcast crew as well. Severino’s call when the Marlins got the game-ending double play was perfect.
  13. What an amazing game, I am going to watch the replay. Who wants to do a replay game thread?
  14. Are you kidding me, Kintzler? How do you let them double steal?
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