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  1. Austin Hays does what Lewis Brinson couldn’t do because Lewis Brinson is useless at baseball.
  2. Floro hasn’t allowed a run in a really long time for example.
  3. Lol Don brought in Okert. Is there a reason why we’re not using our best relievers?
  4. Can we just DFA Brinson and Sierra? Safe to say it’s not going to work.
  5. Don fucked up the shift again Lmao
  6. Big Dick Bleier not looking good tonight
  7. Why is Preston Guilmet in with a lead?
  8. Yeah it’s almost like he should be a reliever.
  9. All kidding aside, we all know De La Cruz won’t be playing CF full-time. We need to give Sierra and Brinson a chance.
  10. There’s a reason why Don is manager of the year, of course he’s right.
  11. What are everyone’s thoughts on Jesus Aguilar’s future with the Marlins? Should we trade him in the next few days? Should we extend him beyond this season? Should we keep just because his name is Jesus?
  12. Craig Mish: So who is the CF’er now? Jeter: De La Dinger
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