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  1. Remember the day we almost signed him? Times change
  2. We have the type of staff that can get it done. Our staff is similar to what the Rays have had in recent years. We currently have 3 guys in the rotation who normally go deep in games. And we have a few relievers who can go 2-3 innings on nights those guys don’t pitch. It’s actually our best option until we can get Elieser & Sixto back or until the organization feels Meyer is ready. Not saying Neidert and Castano can’t pitch in the big leagues, but they’re probably 2-3 inning guys themselves unless we’re forcing it to be “old school.”
  3. Bullpen day is better than give the mediocre starter 5 innings days.
  4. Brinson has been having better AB’s so of course the umpire had to strike him out.
  5. If that were the case, the Rays would suck. It’s been proven that it can work.
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