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  1. Not sure why the Marlins would do this. Is Jeffrey Loria coming back?
  2. Because Das hates Isan Diaz.
  3. Pretty sure Luhnow would never come here.
  4. Who would you like replacing him? Lewis Brinson? Monte Harrison?
  5. Nice, more 2 PM starts. I can’t watch. Thanks MLB.
  6. He played a part in our culture change. Maybe he can get a job in the front office or something.
  7. Not sure if anyone saw it, but they’ve been trying to discredit the team making it by continuing to put that they went 10-4 in 7 inning games and had a losing record in regular 9 inning games.
  8. I don’t want it to happen. I hope every non-Marlins fan wants this team to lose. The team seems to like that.
  9. I think whatever happens the rest of the year is a positive to me. What a great job by the team to bring some fun into this franchise, and to this year.
  10. I’m not watching but gameday indicates that Sixto doesn’t know where the strike zone is right now.
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