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  1. Hockey has a lot of skilled players and it’s pretty high scoring these days too. Shutouts are rare. It is a great game. Join the bandwagon.
  2. Hockey doesn’t have ties anymore.
  3. Carolina and Dallas are in the division.
  4. It’s been fun so far.
  5. Something different about this new ownership and Loria/Hill. We now acquire bullpen pitchers who throw strikes rather than getting guys just because they throw hard. That’s something that I like.
  6. Brinson isn’t going to be an every day starter on this team. He wasn’t going to be that before the Duvall signing, and now it’s definitely not happening. Which isn’t a bad thing, he hasn’t done anything to earn every day at bats.
  7. He would have to pitch well in Spring Training, I think.
  8. We’re talking about Campbell like he’s guaranteed to make the team. I don’t think he is.
  9. I liked Hoyt last year, no real reason to get rid of him.
  10. Who knew that Anthony Bass, of all people, would make you a Marlins fan again?
  11. It could also mean that if we suck and he pitches well, we’d get more at the trade deadline since he’s not a stopgap.
  12. Bass was actually really good last year if you exclude his numbers against us. He clearly loves the Marlins.
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