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  1. I’m going on strike for Isan in memory of all his strike outs.
  2. What the fuck, I’m not watching another game until he comes back.
  3. If Alfaro plays the cold corner, does it mean he has to socially distance himself from the rest of the team?
  4. This is hilarious. So BA isn’t the answer at 3B but Jorge Alfaro, who is worse, might just be the guy…
  5. He pitches for the Rays now so he’s going to be good. Those are the rules.
  6. Erick


    Not really, no. Marte wasn’t interested in our contract extension offer. Plus, as I said at the time of the trade, we have no real need for Marte because we have the best CF’er in baseball, Lewis Brinson.
  7. Brinson’s just incredible. I’ve always been a huge fan of the guy.
  8. Instead of trading pitching prospects for a CF prospect, let’s trade the pitching prospects for Jose Ramirez instead.
  9. We should actually sign Russell Martin to be our catcher.
  10. Eddy Alvarez should be in the big leagues too, I don’t see why not.
  11. If it’s Brinson, I hope we invite the asshole fan from Colorado today who decided to yell the N-Word while Brinson was hitting. Maybe Brinson can hit his face with a bat like he’s been hitting the baseball lately. Amazing that still happens in 2021. Fan should be banned for life.
  12. I’m tired of Lewis Brinson so my answer is De La Cruz.
  13. Friendly reminder that Jackson sucks too.
  14. Bass has been a loser all year. Set the tone for the season early on with blown saves, and now he has Javy Baez basically telling our whole entire team to suck it. Thanks B(ass).
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