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  1. I agree, what’s the point of them?
  2. Monte, don’t swing at this 3-2 pitch. It’s your only hope.
  3. Based on his swings so far, I’m going to say the answer is no.
  4. I understand that Monte is going to strikeout a lot, but I heard he hits home runs. Can he hit one here?
  5. I would like to see his happen. Why not?
  6. He was just getting to 3B when the throw came back in. I don’t get it. There were 2 outs so he has be going on contact. Plus, McNeil bobbled the ball about 5 times.
  7. How does Lavarnway not score on that? Smh
  8. I know Matt Joyce got infected by the virus, but it seems like he also got infected with a case of Lewis Brinson. He’s been awful.
  9. Lol what an AB for the home plate umpire. He called every strike a ball, and then ball 4 ended up being strike 3. This guy is awful.
  10. He’s out. That’s another great play by Alvarez.
  11. I think Conforto’s out but we’re probably not getting this call.
  12. Who’s the home plate umpire today and why does he have a job?
  13. Berti never moving from 1B also made no sense. Stupid inning.
  14. Why is Dickerson swinging at the first pitch like that after a leadoff walk? Some of these AB’s are dumb.
  15. Get Monte out of the game please.
  16. Joyce has no arm. Why is he playing RF?
  17. Keep us in the game, Pabs. We need a shutdown inning.
  18. Yeah that’s part of it. Jeter being cheap again.
  19. It’s looking like our first series loss. Mets doing the little things right, we’re not.
  20. Yeah we need Harold Ramirez back so Monte can go back to developing at whatever he needs to develop.
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