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  1. According to Twitter, 508 feet. Gotta believe the tweets.
  2. That ball Sanchez hit went 508 feet. Kim Ng: “I would like to see him try 600 feet.”
  3. We must mention that Marte threw out a runner at home and helped us get an important insurance run in the 8th. Also, #PayMarte.
  4. Because he used Yimi in an 11-4 game on Thursday night so he’s unavailable today in a game we need him more. Donnie Baseball
  5. Makes me feel really comfortable with this lead…
  6. Yeah, Bass is already warming up lol. I wonder if Yimi will be available today since we threw him in that 11-4 game on Thursday night. Would be his 3rd day in a row.
  7. Bleier got the out but that was unnecessary overmanaging. Didn’t even get the lefty-lefty matchup because Inciarte isn’t even that good. But whatever, good job Dick Bleier.
  8. Do we really need this lefty-lefty matchup against Inciarte? If, for whatever reason, the Braves get the next 2 guys on, it’s Bleier against Acuña again. Bender could’ve gotten Inciarte.
  9. The 8th too if the 7th goes well. And then maybe the 9th.
  10. Corey Dickerson got drunk before the game today, right?
  11. He better be perfect if he wants to pitch with a lead again.
  12. I’d rather have Marte than all 3 of those guys.
  13. Thompson with the fist pump of the year so far.
  14. It’s a shame we didn’t keep Villar. He would’ve fit right in with this team on the bases.
  15. That was close to where Duvall's ball landed, Isan. Next time you will do it, I believe in you.
  16. WOW DUVALL. That was a Stantonesque HR.
  17. I just realized that Thompson looks like Aaron Harang. Who agrees?
  18. Grammy Pat is watching Dickerson and Duvall today, and she agrees that we should call up Jesus.
  19. Marlins Baseball 2021: "You've heard about Adam and Eve. We have Adam and Dick."
  20. Give Starling a new contract already.
  21. I hope the people who work at Bally's aren't atheists, they might cut off Grammy Pat.
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