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  1. Can't wait for the new season. Just waiting on my free panther tickets from BankAtlantic. WOOT!
  2. Last year at just this time I saw Amezaga at the Metallica concert at the BAC. I still remember sitting in the car just going "OMG! That was Amezaga" even after he was long gone. Hahaha.. funny. If only my camera wasn't done and we had enough time to take a picture of him!
  3. I hate Brandon Phillips. He's one of those guys with a big mouth that needs to be shut. I second this.
  4. I think that's pretty awesome that both Mystikol and Rab found that someone special. It's pretty rare, and I think it's kinda cool. Congrats to the both of you. Thanks. I only wish she loved the Marlins more so she'd think I'm a little bit less crazy. give it a few years. These days I'll be giving the kids a bath or something and my wife will yell to me from the other room "Honey, Gaby just hit a homer!" or "the bullpen is going to lose it again!" :lol Lord, that must be sexy. At least the Gaby one. When I was studying last Tuesday, missing the game while in the library, I got this text from my fiancee: "AND HIS NAME IS DAN UGGLA!!!!!!" Jackpot. Haha... I did do that.
  5. That's my good friend, John Baker. WOOT
  6. have the week day a big impact on the ticket sale? why? We're the Marlins, we don't really "sell out". And in the middle of the week you can basically find tickets in whatever section you want. Sell out? What a strange phrase. Sell out. What does that mean? lol
  7. I like it but I don't like at the same time.... Also.. if they actually change the seat colors... Good. f***ing Orange..
  8. I got a decent load of stuff but the best by far was what my fiancee (AdrianneLove on here) got me: looks like she got the right size khakis That jersey is stylish.
  9. That was a horrifying hit on Booth........he was motionless on the ice......f***ing christ.... That was sickening. It was more sickening seeing the look on Booths face as he lay there. =/
  10. That was an amazing concert. Absolutely amazing. The encore was fantastic, the set list was great (though I kinda wish we had Monday's set with Battery and Stone Cold Crazy), and it was overall awesome. Oh, and talking about amazing, I saw Alfredo Amezaga there, carrying one of the giant beachballs as he went to his car. That was soooooo Mez.
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