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  1. The most valuable member of the team is Kelly Saco.
  2. I blame Mike Pagliarulo for this game so far.
  3. Nats score their second run because the bench coach's son couldn't block the changeup.
  4. Monte is probably going to have similar issues in the big leagues.
  5. We haven’t swept a team in 61 consecutive series.
  6. Thanks to the whole lineup actually.
  7. Our pitching is awesome, our hitting is improving, and we have the best experience and popcorn in all of baseball. You guys are truly too negative, this team is the best. PS-Christian Yelich is overrated.
  8. I don’t know, but I’m glad you had a fun experience. That’s all that matters.
  9. Our new hitting coach is a genius.
  10. Do we really need another bad player?
  11. I’m glad it’s Dean instead of Brinson. Brinson has clearly earned the right to stay on the team.
  12. I feel the same way. Honestly, if I’m home & both the Marlins & Rays are playing, I’m watching the Rays this year. The Marlins just aren’t a product worth watching. There’s nothing exciting about the team.
  13. To be fair, under Loria, there was a team to blow up. The current team is at rock bottom lol. They could face whatever adversity they want; there’s nothing left to blow up.
  14. Fun, innovative-thinking team.
  15. I don’t know, but it’s a good experience for the fans. -Jeter
  16. Our offense is so bad that it makes our pitching staff look good even though it’s probably not.
  17. So when are we firing the manager that comes in after Mattingly because the team still sucks?
  18. We should be alright by 2030. Even though it doesn’t matter because fans come to the game for the experience, not to see who wins or loses. Do those silly fans even know who’s playing?
  19. I sure hope so. If we're going to lose, I want to see us lose with grit.
  20. This team is not displaying their awesome grit tonight.
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