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  1. Magic # vs the Phillies is 2 and 1 vs the Mets
  2. If we lose out and the Mets win out they would own the tie breaker against us.
  3. XM MLB Radio says a deal with Nick Anderson to the Rays may have got done. Looking to see if it trickles in.
  4. Just bought a jersey on fanatics for $80 not a bad deal. 20% off.
  5. Saved from the Magic game in Tampa. Its available on most providers. https://www.freepreview.tv/free-preview-of-mlb-extra-innings-7-3103
  6. Well that sucks. I took the day off to watch it. Hopefully the MLB package will be running the free promo for the first weekend as usual.
  7. I live in Tampa and am going on Saturday. Think the starters will make the trip?
  8. Hello I am looking for the promotional schedule. Not give aways. I believe last year every Friday was fireworks, think Saturday was all you can eat etc... Does anyone know what special offers will be offered on what days this year? Also anyone know the Bark in the Park day. I tried looking at the schedule on the main site but cant find it. I assume it's there somewhere.
  9. https://twitter.com/teveld/status/1024523811969032193
  10. This USF Alumni is thrilled. This kid will be a good piece in the Bull Pen in a couple of years.
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