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  1. https://www.angelfire.com/sports/marlins/holm/
  2. last time I juiced. I was hungry as hell from not being able to eat solid foods. If he was on a juice only diet that explains his poor ERA.
  3. You are my hero. Can I have your autograph. Preferably on a blank check.
  4. He is from here. If I recall correctly he went to Stoneman Douglas.
  5. airfare will be provide for 5,000.00 from any airport in the US. No rental car though.
  6. If we have anymore injuries and they need a fat outfielder that can't run or hit, I am happy to come on down to the stadium.
  7. Thinking of going in May. I hear fans can be brutal but I have thick skin. Any suggestions?
  8. this bullpen really likes to blow saves. What is that 4 now?
  9. anyone have the ballys code. Watching the braves broadcast
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