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  1. im watching everything that shows sports highlights... haha on mlb network quick pitch brett carroll got to call in and talk about his hit. so stoked about that win.
  2. Carroll should have already been in the starting lineup all year this year. Its the same thing with Ross a few years ago. They are afraid to play him everyday or something, i dunno. It's because the fans and management have some sick love affair with bums with "potential". Meanwhile it's been forever and guys like Hermida still stink it up all season long. And Ross Gload should be our starting 1B too, right? With Helms starting at 3rd. I uh... like Ross Gload as our starting 1B. Ross Gload > Nick Johnson
  3. lol when I was in chicago i went to a marlins cubs game at wrigley (marlins won in the 12th).... there were big billboards that said "Fish Fry - This weekend", and signs on restaurants saying "Fish Fry"... the cubs fans also got mad and littered the field with bottles and other trash after a call and lou got ejected.... basically they are mad because we have 2 ws titles..
  4. thanks, i appreciate it
  5. Hey I cannot log into my email address that sends me the codes, so I was wondering if anybody could help me and let me know what it is. thanks
  6. wrigley is an awesome place to be for sure
  7. AWESOME!!! THAT WAS A GREAT VIDEO!! and mlb network has Harold Reynolds
  9. Well, it sucks that Gonzo will most likely be gone, but I got nothing but love for him for the year he was here, and he did a great job with the stick... he would fit in well with ANY AL team DHing... he's perfect for it
  10. I cant say that I will attend many games, but.... DUH!!!! why wouldnt they want a team here??
  11. Booth, 2nd star of the week... I dig it... the game was fun, and def energetic crowd.. it was fun... i love hockey.
  12. Angels! no doubt. Figgins, Vlad, Hunter, Texeira, you know you want to.
  13. What the hell has peltonen done for us?!? Well atleast he did his work in his own end last season - -2 +/-, would probably have been able to match his +7 from the previous season were it not for his injuries. Its good to have that on your 4th line... and no Erick, for a team built solely around defense now, we dont have enough defensively responsable players. You can never really. Guys like Stillman, Greg Campbell, they all need to pick up the pace. Now I know Campbell is a stud PKer, but its a diferent topic 5 on 5. There isnt much a 4th line can do for Anthony Stewart, he will never make it here, but if someone else wants to expirament with him on their top line then they should go ahead lol. I think +/- is overrated. You can play perfect defense on a shift, and if a goalie lets in a bad one 5 on 5...you get a -. Or, in the Panthers case last year, the players play as little defense as possible...and the goalies bail 'em out from a -, just about everytime. +/- also depends on the line, you play on. The only reason why Horton was such a + last year was b/c Weiss and Booth did all the hustling for him, on the defensive end. Aside from the beginning of the season when Horton was actually hitting people...Horton coasted for half the year. I prefer to look at giveaways / takeaways, hits, blocked shots, and PK minutes. The only thing I would agree with is the whole players you are with factor. I would agree with the goalie bailing you out thing, but it doesnt make any sense because Vokoun bails out everyone and what would make him bail out 1 player more than another? Our team is built around him. I dont think +/- is overrated, but rather people need to stop looking at it as a direct statistic for who is better and who is worse. Like there was some kid trying to compare Bouwmeester and Paul Ranger, they had the same amount of hits, same +/-, same scoring layout, etc. and he was trying to argue that Paul Ranger was just as good. What I am combining is my knowledge of the player and their +/-. I agree Horton is a lazy sh*t in his own end, and Booth and Weiss did all the hustle for him. But when you look at a guy like Cullimore or Kreps or maybe even Peltonen(reluctant to say so because he had that foot injury last season) who really their +/- does depict how they played, and even though Vokoun had to bail them out some times, they still did enough. Face it, Vokoun bails everyone out, and I doubt he bails anyone out more than another. Peltonen didnt play with any defensive guys, which would focus on why he was like -3 instead of a more reasonable +5. Place a healthy Peltonen with Dvorak and Kreps, and youve got yourself a defensive line. However I dont see room on that line because there is Zednik, who together with Kreps and Dvorak could make so much magic, so again I do see why we would want to trade Peltonen, he just wont get us anything, so he can just play 4th line with Belak and Campbell, and eat minutes. Have you ever posted on the Sun-Sentinel forums? I'm actually having a debate with a guy who thinks Washington's D is better than the Panthers' D on paper, for this upcoming year. It's extremely laughable. One other guy called Vokoun a good backup goalie. :lol Yea just play along with it and be like we have Mr. Anderson.
  14. That's not even the point though. The point is that FSU sucks big salty balls at football and they've sucked big salty balls at football for a long time now. They aren't relevant enough to talk trash to anyone like that anymore. I shouldn't even say 'relevant enough' I should just say they are not relevant anymore. That program is a mess. hahhahahahaha That was funny.
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