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  1. To be honest I imagine it's probably not something Bacardi wants. Bacardi probably blows their ad money on supplying napkins and cups and shit. On getting on towels. On sponsoring a calendar. On having fifty images scattered across the park. On getting exclusive liquor rights at the stadium with all of their liquors. Basically, what I'm saying is, they're probably better off achieving direct sales of their liquor as a form of advertisement. Heck, for something like liquor, I imagine a low-mid price range liquor like Bacardi wants to *avoid* appearing like the massive distribution that it is. More likely to get naming rights to a luxury box than to the stadium ??‍♂️
  2. A pint of one makes you sleepy. A pint of the other makes you shitfaced. but I agree, from a sponsorship perspective, Bacardi is already all over the Marlins. We see Cruzan up at the PB amphitheater. I really don't see the big deal. Plus, it has a cultural proximity with a strong Miami presence already.
  3. I would be all about it. It's in the Carolinas, Virginia, Alabama, and I think even Tennessee.
  4. Piggly Wiggly is a dump. Worse than Winn Dixie. Far worse.
  5. If Publix wanted to go national, it would be a great move. Publix has, in recent memory, stated that they don't want to expand beyond Virginia.
  6. There's absolutely no possibility that we will have one of the best farm teams in baseball. After failing to garner top prospects, whilst still in a nosedive firesale, even if the Marlins got great prospects at full value for their remaining players, the farm system would almost certainly fall short of "great" due to having no depth in its "greatness."
  7. Did seem strangely out of nowhere ??‍♂️
  8. Yes, desperation is sceaming through my one to two posts a week.
  9. Add me to the list, too. This is fun to read.
  10. Add @fish53 to the list of people who have a "strange obsession" with @fish20. You've got a friend, [uSER=14703]@Bald Eagle[/uSER] and [uSER=860]@el penguino[/uSER].
  11. JT plays a position that's much harder to find with his kind of bat. Yelich has an amazing contract, and longer sustained success. They're both probably worth more than Ozuna. By Mike Hill standards, we only have to retain 50% salary to get their minor league journeyman repair project plus take on a player making $5 million to balance out the money.
  12. Said Lairry's long thought out alter who.
  13. Hey look, Jeter learned from trading Gordon, Stanton, and Ozuna that you're not supposed to publicly let on about how poor of a position you're in! moron.
  14. [ATTACH]1683._xfImport[/ATTACH] And he changed sports and went from teal to maroon. @Admin what have you done?
  15. Causal fans just acknowledge the Marlins have had x amount of firesales (4) in their lifetime and probably gave up on following the team seriously. Let's not pretend the casual fan is aware of who was in charge in 1997. Let's not pretend the causal fan even gives a flying fuck who owned the team in 1997 - it doesn't matter.
  16. Player approaching contract year during season... doubt his value peaked during a firesale.
  17. What "facts"??? Everything is largely an opinion at this point.
  18. It's incredible how defensive you're getting of the organization, [uSER=2328]@SilverBullet1929[/uSER]. Really strange.
  19. I'll tell you what likely happened. Mike Hill probably was in discussions with the St. Louis GM and it went a little like this: STLGM: "well hey Mike, we can agree that Stanton is 20% better than Marcelo Ozuna, right?" Mike Hill: "Right." STLGM: "So how about I give you the same offer as for Stanton, but 20% less. AND, just because I'm nice, you can totally forget about sending us the $25 million. Because we are friends, right?" Mike Hill: "Well I can't argue with that logic. You've got yourself a goddang deal, friend!"
  20. There's so many things wrong about this post. "as good as gone in two years" is the most wrong statement ever. It doesn't matter if he just had a career year - the value they got for him is something they could've gotten for him as a rental. Also, lots of teams are interested in players who might not have had the best of seasons but are coming up on a contract year. If this trade set the bar for his trade value, holding onto him and trading him during the season or next offseason would've been perfectly valid. Also, the speculation that he's taking PEDs is baseless and therefore laughable. And no, you don't get any credit if somehow he was discovered to have been taking them. A player getting better at something he was already great at isn't a sign of PEDs. PS, he changed positions in 2017. And he threw out just as many runners in 2017 as 2016 as 2015.
  21. They should HAVE asked a third team to join in the deal. They're going to get less for Castro than the Yankees could've if he was available and marketed for longer.
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