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  1. Me too. Under my Marlins tattoo. Booked in for next week
  2. Saw this news while browsing USA Today site. It was like someone punched me. My team. Stunned. Still stunned five hours later. Horrible. Just horrible.
  3. I'll try to explain this very clearly, Vince, as I know you are as dumb as a retarded horse. While people like you exist who "don't agree" with what people who have absolutely nothing to do with you want to do with their gentials, the LGBT community will continue to be marginalised. In reality, people who are LGBT should be no more marginalised than, say, people who prefer blondes over brunettes, or tits over asses. They should be an perfectly accepted part of the human race, as - as I said - what people want to do with their genitals is no concern of yours, or anybodys. But people with retard
  4. With a little more dedication, Admin could have been Giancarlo Stanton. Instead, he hosts a message board for buffoons. There's a lesson here for everyone.
  5. Tis cruel your parents gave you such an inappropriate middle name.
  6. Mention of the Mathis-Gordon trade made me think "whatever happened to Josh Johnson?" So I looked it up. I am very sad now.
  7. Apparently Samson now thinks that Dee Gordon is so good he's a top twenty player in the NFL too.
  8. Scoop also says the Marlins are interested in retaining Mathis. Hopefully to clean the restrooms.
  9. He means Archibald Fister, who played for the Arkansas Arachnids 1923-25.
  10. That's my point. I don't think Ozuna will have another 2014. He'll end up hitting .250 and 10 HRs a year with the Orioles, or something.
  11. A lot of hate in here. Everyone ... chill ... Ozuna isn't actually that good. He strikes me as another Cameron Maybin but with more power, less speed and worse place discipline.
  12. You'd have been more happy if he had gotten away with it? Sheesh ...
  13. Me too. He's much better than Dee Gordon.
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