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  1. Marcell Ozuna Traded to the Cardinals

    I'll tell you what likely happened. Mike Hill probably was in discussions with the St. Louis GM and it went a little like this: STLGM: "well hey Mike, we can agree that Stanton is 20% better than Marcelo Ozuna, right?" Mike Hill: "Right." STLGM: "So how about I give you the same offer as for Stanton, but 20% less. AND, just because I'm nice, you can totally forget about sending us the $25 million. Because we are friends, right?" Mike Hill: "Well I can't argue with that logic. You've got yourself a goddang deal, friend!"
  2. Marcell Ozuna Traded to the Cardinals

    There's so many things wrong about this post. "as good as gone in two years" is the most wrong statement ever. It doesn't matter if he just had a career year - the value they got for him is something they could've gotten for him as a rental. Also, lots of teams are interested in players who might not have had the best of seasons but are coming up on a contract year. If this trade set the bar for his trade value, holding onto him and trading him during the season or next offseason would've been perfectly valid. Also, the speculation that he's taking PEDs is baseless and therefore laughable. And no, you don't get any credit if somehow he was discovered to have been taking them. A player getting better at something he was already great at isn't a sign of PEDs. PS, he changed positions in 2017. And he threw out just as many runners in 2017 as 2016 as 2015.
  3. They should HAVE asked a third team to join in the deal. They're going to get less for Castro than the Yankees could've if he was available and marketed for longer.
  4. Great question. Where does he GO? I haven't thought ABOUT that. I'm SURPRISED they even acquired him.
  5. Why has Derek Jeter received so much hate?

    Trace any of my posts through this whole timeline. I got it just fine.
  6. Why has Derek Jeter received so much hate?

    The Marlins were robbed blindly in this trade. The fact that they are paying conditional salary and are left with figuring out Starlin Castro says a lot. Starlin Castro has a lot more trade value from the Yankees versus from our firesale angle. Jeter is a moron and he kept a moron as GM. Stanton was a hard player to get lots of value for with his contract, but make no mistake, the Marlins lost this trade badly.
  7. Why has Derek Jeter received so much hate?

    Dude you can't just make a narrative up. Literally everybody in the middle of November had an article out claiming Jeter had yet to speak to Stanton. He's quoted for saying "I will if it's necessary" or something along those lines. And there's a difference between owner talking to player and GM talking to agent.
  8. Why has Derek Jeter received so much hate?

    I'm aware that they talked. I never said they didn't ultimately. I said Derek Jeter claimed they didn't have to. It wasn't until late in the process... Why do they have to? First of all, it's respect to the player. Believe it or not, they're people. Second, it impacts the way your team can negotiate. It also impacts which negotiations are a total waste of time. Instead of giving a player an ultimatum, why not just be real with them?
  9. Why has Derek Jeter received so much hate?

    Dude there's a direct quote of him, while they were shopping Stanton, saying he hasn't talked to him and doesn't need to. Save the BS. It's not a lie spread by the media.
  10. Why has Derek Jeter received so much hate?

    I don't give a shit if he's at the meetings or not, but boy... for someone calling the shots from the big boy chair... sure does look rather fucking arrogant that he's not there. Just how he didn't need to speak to Stanton.
  11. Why has Derek Jeter received so much hate?

    Yeah... firing Waltz could be all about rebranding, a new image, a new era... Or it could be because Jeter wants to give his guy a chance at it. We don't know. But it doesn't seem very likely that FS Florida fired Rich Waltz. There isn't a reason for that.
  12. Number of winning seasons with Stanton on the roster

    Don't count me in that mix, always respect from my side ;)
  13. Why has Derek Jeter received so much hate?

    I'm talking about Prado, Volquez, Chen, Ziegler, Tazawa, Ichiro, etc. Largely untradeable contracts. But, an organization that took a full season of losses and craftily shed these contracts would've been the more responsible ownership group that accurately understood the fan climate in Florida. Bottom line is this franchise isn't actually worth buying in the first place. Not from a huge profit perspective. From the ownership perspective it's a good place to put your money because it's an MLB franchise and the value only goes up. But it's an awful franchise to try to make profitable. Because, in order to do that, big risks must be taken. Bottom line... a firesale was the worst thing a new owner could've done. It was the most sensible thing from a neutral financial perspective, but that doesn't mean it was correct. The fans are the one with money. The fans behind the TV, and the fans in the ballpark. This team needed a very rich owner to prop it up and repair it, not dismantle it. The fans aren't coming back. Not for a long time. It won't be profitable in the foreseeable future.
  14. Why has Derek Jeter received so much hate?

    Ignoring the endless list of criticisms that have been stated about Jeter & Co. already... Doea *nobody* think their naive approach of "tear it down if you build it, they will come" is nothing more than the SAME exact thing the prior ownership implemented? It's the firesales that hurt fan confidence in the first place and make this method a bad idea. The team will continue to hemmorage money. The better approach was probably someone willing to take losses by shedding salaries on the outside of the core and within the organization and building fan confidence. In that mode, if you build it, they will come. Jeter/Sherman have the blessing of being able to blame their predecessors, but in fact they are no different.
  15. Stanton traded to Yankees for Castro, Guzman and Devers

    He's displayed immense incompetence the entire time. Have you not read the rest of my posts about him?