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  1. Loria vs Miami-Dade County: One Last Battle

    Lol criticizing the metric system.
  2. Jeter/Sherman target $90 mil payroll

    I mean, there's nothing wrong with retaining one guy. My fear is that we end up going another decade in search of a catcher that isn't a total piece of trash.
  3. Jeter/Sherman target $90 mil payroll

    I see no reason why Realmuto can't survive the rebuild. He's a vital position this franchise has failed to tackle for years. I'd hold onto him, if possible.
  4. Jeter/Sherman target $90 mil payroll

    I'm more in line with a variant of what penguin was theorizing. Expensive contracts are sunk costs. It'll cost you assets to dump some of those players. Might as well ride them out and sell by parts. The fire sale is a two season thing. From the fan's perspective it's quite literally the ugliest thing, as unless a miracle happens next season, it's going to be a very long and very slow rebuild.
  5. Jeter/Sherman target $90 mil payroll

    Or it could be a slow rebuild. Firesales can definitely devalue players. Could try and sell in two parts? I imagined this was the path, with Stanton going first.
  6. Loria vs Miami-Dade County: One Last Battle

    Not picking sides here, but it's not "mental gymnastics." It's zero index versus 1 index. It's quite simple.
  7. Loria vs Miami-Dade County: One Last Battle

    Depends on what the language "in the year" means, and when their years start from. This sale seems to have gone through at a questionable time. It's either the beginning of the sixth year or the end of the fifth year. Or neither, and just the fifth year of its calendar or from the date of signing. Well, then the actual date of agreement would matter. Dunno.
  8. Derek Jeter: "First Day of a New Era"

    It was without having to owe him a lot more money per year. Actually money, not average money.
  9. Jeter/Sherman target $90 mil payroll

    What makes you think that? If Stanton has a successful season next year, he could try and get an even bigger contract, could he no than? I don't think Stanton can't draw a massive return. I just don't think he will, because no GM will respect the Marlins if they know just how much of a shithole they're in. And I'm sure nobody respects any of the Loria backloaded contracts either.
  10. Jeter/Sherman target $90 mil payroll

    I'd argue that keeping a core of Stanton/Yelich/Realmuto/Gordon isn't exactly a rebuild, but I get what you're saying. They suck and keeping Stanton and their target payroll are incompatible for success. So, even if not a rebuild, it's a losing team, which is what he really doesn't want. That being said, Jeter will probably command zero respect in a trade market for Stanton. Might as well let the guy plan to walk and trade him mid-season when teams are trying to stack up for the playoffs. And cross your fingers for a miracle.
  11. Jeter/Sherman target $90 mil payroll

    I think it's possible to keep Stanton, if they needed the big name for marketing (they're gonna suck either way because they don't have any pitching, remember). Could Ozuna paired with Chen attract takers? If so, that approach, plus ditching two of Volquez/Prado/Gordon would probably do the trick.
  12. Derek Jeter: "First Day of a New Era"

    Stanton's contract was a brilliant one that allowed us to enjoy him under Loria. Loria sold this team at the perfect time, because despite the fact that Stanton was likely gone either way when the big part of his contract kicks in... new ownership gives us a chance at keeping him. Though, not likely.
  13. Derek Jeter: "First Day of a New Era"

    Well if there's a consolation, Jeter obviously doesn't like Loria either.
  14. Derek Jeter: "First Day of a New Era"

    I would venture to say Loria was pretty evil during his reign as Florida Marlins owner. But with the Miami Marlins, it's two different stories with similar notes.
  15. Derek Jeter: "First Day of a New Era"

    I think there's a 2b there... trade Stanton and another pricy veteran. Attempt to save face on the likes of Ozuna as your MVP. Less likely, but it's an option. Regardless of a fire sale, it sounds like they're going to lose money either way. So I don't think an all out fire sale is likely. I don't mean to say that losing any amount of money is the same, but rather suggest that they probably have to come up with a maximum amount of money bled. Assuming a low payroll team still fails to turn a positive.