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  1. Been a fan since I was little and will continue being a fan but I will no longer be watching games or sporting marlins gear until I see CHANGE. I was annoyed with the recent events that happened but not surprised. They always do this. Marlins need an owner like micky Arison. Who in their right minds would pay money to see this team play next year?
  2. [ At this rate, I won't be investing in ANY MARLINS jerseys with names on the back. Last one I bought was Miguel Cabrera...yeaaaaaaa Yeah man, if you had a Hanley jersey it only lasted for 7 seasons! A good 7 seasons of wearing it for me then!
  3. Why isn't there an official Miami HEAT and Miami Dolphins thread? Can I make them?
  4. i only own florida marlins jersey...didn't bother buying the new ones kinda knew this was going to happen. get a LeBron fathead lol
  5. So who are the top tier FA's next year? We are going to go after Babe Ruth ;p
  6. He's a solid #2, which is what we really needed. Anibal is a great #3, Ricky can work at #4 and we'll see about #5. Of course, signing another solid 2 or 3 would help greatly. if we get cj wilson then that would help ALOT and who knows what else the marlins can pull off?
  7. Reyes is humble and I like that. I need to get a Reyes shirt but i bet dolphin and westland mall sold out already
  8. If we get fielder I will be happy You're not happy now? _= Wow. Since when did Marlins fans get so greedy during an off-season (or ever?) Normal for miami sports fan. alright, man. I get it... you're a troll I am! Please head over to the awards thread and vote for me for the troll a bethan award. I'm happy now but if we get fielder you wouldn't be happy as well? lol
  9. If we get fielder I will be happy
  10. If it is true Hanley needs to stop acting like a kid...aren't he and reyes really close as well?
  11. I'm going to school to take my final hopefully i emerge to pujols being a marlin =p
  12. Ken_Rosenthal Ken Rosenthal #Marlins say they have made their final offer to Pujols. Additional meeting with Lozano possible, however. #MLB You beat gizmo! that's good right?
  13. i just want this over with and don't want to get my hopes up......squall!!!! -__-
  14. Adorable picture of Ken Rosenthal Did your source get you these?! my sources told me that his sources got that pic
  15. I'm literaly bobbing my head so goodnight guys! hoping for good news today =p
  16. i am exhausted but i want to know already!
  17. brb going to the tv to watch hopefully when i come back is with good news!
  18. give him the damn no trade clause!
  19. Dozed off for a few min there. any news from your "source"
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