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  1. What is the point of this article? Did a guy with 14 employees really think he could clean a stadium? Really? Seriously? Of course he would have to hire more staff, etc. The box suite to me was irrelevant. He didn't operate a business big enough to supply the team's needs. Plain and simple to me but whatever.
  2. Yeah, Worthless might be of value now on that team. I'm not going to say they'll win it though. Still have to dethrone the Phillies. Plus will Strasburg make it through the season? They are in the same boat with the Marlins and JJ.
  3. I guess when I see the logo I feel like it's really stretched. Kindof like when you watch SD on a widescreen TV. But I've gotten used to it and it's better than anything I could ever come up with.
  4. He didn't look the same after his injury last year. Did he ever really come back from that injury? Maybe that's why they let him go. I feel like the Marlins are going to keep Oviedo....
  5. Yeah, that TOTALLY shows he wants out of Miami. Where is this stuff coming from? He's going to be fine. He is going to be a monster again. Pressure will be off. That is the key. Loosen up again.
  6. reality is...we ARE a playoff team provided JJ actually stays healthy and Hanley returns to some semblence of his usual self. You have to keep in mind there's an extra WC now as well. I don't think the fish are quite done yet but I HIGHLY doubt they get Fielder. Maybe they'll go after an Edwin Jackson or a Wandy Rodriguez. Gaby isn't a bad guy to have at first base - we can't have superstars at every position. As with almost every team there's uncertainty in each season. I can almost guarantee they will make the playoffs if everyone sticks to their normal level of performance and remains healthy. This team is good enough to accomplish that because they were doing just that last season until the injuries started piling up and this team is better than last years version. To me the wildcard in all of this is Bonifacio - is he for real? He certainly played at a high level for the second half of the season and proved it wasn't just a hot stretch however we've seen that act before (Coghlan). Some of the ESPN talking heads are saying he's a terrible CF. I fail to see how exactly he plays a terrible CF. He obviously has the wheels to track any ball down and he has a surprisingly strong arm for a little guy. I'm guessing these guys, particularly Keith Law didn't really watch many marlins games. I think Hanley has to be as much a wild card. How does learning a new position affect your ability to bounce back from batting sub .250? He was injured all of last season. If he is healthy his bat will be back to normal. The only issue he's going to have with the position change is fielding it. Yeah, it's not as if he's just this great defender either. He might actually be improved at 3B. Who knows
  7. Good piece. Yes, I think what we got was for the best. At least we have a stop gap with both Reyes and Buehrle. If JJ gets hurt there is another consistent arm to pick up the slack again. Javier was that at the end of the year. Reyes covers up for Hanley. If Reyes gets hurt we can move him to SS. If Hanley gets hurt, Boni can play 3B. At least we have more options and the sky won't automatically fall.
  8. I still want Gio too but I don't think we should break the bank on that. I'd rather keep Gaby than get Fielder. rather keep Gaby? huh? we can trade Gaby for pitching after getting Fielder, you want another year of Volstad? I know that we could trade him for pitching. I just happen to like Gaby better. Yes, he's not better offensively but he improved defensively last year. No reason to give a long huge contract to Fielder when you can get buy with Gaby. And Volstad started to improve the last part of the season and is a decent #5. If not you go with elsewhere in the organization.
  9. I still want Gio too but I don't think we should break the bank on that. I'd rather keep Gaby than get Fielder.
  10. Buehrle is more of a veteran. He's proven it more. Yes, he's starting to tail it off but he's got a better track record.
  11. Yeah, but we got good players that we really NEEDED. It was a good signing period for the Marlins.
  12. I think if the team doesn't sign CJ they are done with the big names. I don't think they're going to go after Cespedes much. They'll give Cogs one more shot.
  13. What? Nolasco has a lot of value. He's been pretty consistent and has been pretty durable. Granted he got hurt last year for a while but they aren't shipping him for Z. Z will come because they let go of his ass and he's trying to just make a team!
  14. Yeah but who cares about cogs. If he falters they'll find someone else.
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