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  1. I was going to say Justin Masterson but he shot it down. Most likely Peavy or Shields.
  2. Piazza probably would have tried it, but his GPA is, as Dean Wormer would say, zero point zero. Dean Wormer? Out of curiosity, how old are you? I had to google that and it took me to Animal House which was in 1978.
  3. Hope Preston Wilson replaces Hutton permanently.
  4. I was beginning to wonder why this thread went 3 pages, lol. Now I see.
  5. Ok that's fair. When the season is over we'll get back to this.
  6. http://www.marlinsbaseball.com/topic/70500-lomo-traded-to-seattle/page-9 Bottom of the thread. You said net wins won't be much. Maybe 2-3 extra from Salty and extra wins over coghlan with Yelich plus improvement from Stanton. And you said this after I said this is probably a 70 win team. That doesn't sound like someone who disagrees with what I said. And this was before Fernandez was out. You did not expect this team to playing like this. You can keep spinning it like you are doing but you are not telling the truth. Very convenient to say you did not have a set win total but all of a sudden say they are playing to your expectations. This team would be a 80 win team with Fernandez if not more.
  7. No, I'm not suggesting anything about this team. Find me one post where I said this is a good team. I distinctly remember a post where I said this team did not improve much and that I do not see this team winning more than 65 to 70 games, and you then seemed to agreed with me on the win total citing the only improvements you saw were with Salty and Stanton with a possibility of Yelich. You did not think this team would be perform at this level. Especially with Jose Fernandez out.
  8. Erick Salty has had only one bad month this season. Not sure why you are comparing him to Buck.
  9. El penguino, I'm pretty sure you did not expect this team to win more than 65-70 games this season. You're stretching the truth when you say this is how you expected them to play.
  10. Our 3rd baseman next year SHOULD be McGehee. He's not a free agent after the season. What Spike said. Mcgehee isn't bad. Maybe if Moran can be here by June of next year Mcgehee can start for the 2 months. If not, I would like to see a better option.
  11. I like Wild Card. Don't agree with what he's saying but good guy. Mcgehee has been OK but hopefully we get more power from 3rd base next year.
  12. I didn't know Jeff Mathis's middle name was fucking. You learn something new everyday.
  13. The current line is slightly better than what I would have projected, but that owes a large part to the explosive first month he had. He has steadily been regressing since then. His defense is bad enough to the point where it is clear that he cannot survive there long term. He's probably one of the worst defensive second baseman in the NL with his only rival being Dan Uggla. Dietrich is what I said he was at the beginning of the season. A decent bat that looks great for a 2B until you realize that his defense isn't good enough for him to be a 2B. That reduces his value overall and makes him an unattractive option for the team long term. Bullshit. Before the season began you crushed Dietrich and said all he offered as a bat was slightly above average power. You did not think he would be hitting close to what he's hitting now.
  14. Yes, he looks like a starter. He's heating up now. His numbers last year in Double A were good. He has power and speed and can defend. He's young. I don't know how the hell you got to 4th outfielder.
  15. Marisnick does not look like a 4th outfielder. What the hell are you saying?
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