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  1. Gabmon

    7/1 postgame

    Great win for the team to have on my birthday! Hopefully we can win this series.
  2. Gabmon

    Marlins trade/FA talk

    http://www.mlbtraderumors.com/2013/12/mariners-to-sign-rafael-furcal.html And there you have it. Rafael Furcal is our 2nd base. Wow they put Mariners instead of Marlins in the url... Either way I like this signing, not a bad offseason so far.
  3. Gabmon

    7/1 Post Game Thread

    It was awesome to be able to watch Fernandez pitch in person, especially on my birthday! This team has definitely been fun to watch in the last month.
  4. Has this team even had a sac fly this season?
  5. Gabmon

    Loria planning to sell Marlins?

    Wasn't there a clause anyway that Loria would have to pay a penalty if he sold the Marlins within the first couple of years of the new stadium?
  6. Gabmon

    Wild card races

    I had a feeling that the Red Sox losing 10 of their first 12 games would come back to bite them...
  7. Gabmon

    We need more offense from Hanley

    Huh? I don't think Hanley and Miggy were ever teammates. Hanley came in after all those guys were traded, right? They were teammates in 2006 and 2007. Miggy got traded after the 2007 season.
  8. Gabmon

    Official Wrestling Discussion

    Just came back from Raw and the end was really surreal to watch. There were a lot of disappointed kids after the ending and it was one of the most unexpected things I have ever seen, especially for my first live wrestling event. I agree the NXT beating against Cena was like the nWo due to Cena getting overmatched 8 to 1.Only bad thing was that the promised 4 vs. 4 tag team dark main event wasn't held, but it was understandable considering the state of the ring after the beating.
  9. Gabmon

    Official Wrestling Discussion

    That's a shame, he had already injured it in 1995 or 1996 I believe and he had to wrestle with a Phantom of the Opera-like mask.
  10. Gabmon

    Official Wrestling Discussion

    I'll be at the Miami Raw on Monday. Anyone know if Undertaker will even show up to this Raw despite his injuries? He was scheduled to be in the dark main event.
  11. Gabmon

    Random Marlins of the Past

    Armando Almanza Vladimir Nunez (remembered hating him as a kid when he started 2000 0-7) Paul Quantrill Nate Rolison Surprised Juan Encarnacion and Benito Santiago haven't been mentioned yet.
  12. Gabmon

    9/6 Post Game

    Lindstrom should be the closer. I agree, Lindstrom hasn't been half-bad since he's returned and is better than that POS Nunez right now.
  13. Gabmon

    Look what the webcam captured!

    Oh Noes, Giant Ants!!!!!! They've come to kill us all!!!!!!
  14. Gabmon

    Sept. 5 - Marlins ^ Nationals

    Yes, a strikeout! Hopefully he gets a grounder for a DP now
  15. Gabmon

    Sept. 5 - Marlins ^ Nationals

    I don't even have the frozen beach on my screen! If Comcast ends up not showing the game I will formulate an evil plan against them as revenge :evil