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  1. If Maybin can have a long career, why not
  2. So when do the draftees arrive to their minor league club?
  3. Brinsons gotta rest after that GS yesterday
  4. Numbers are scary this season. Just hope we don't find out he needs shoulder surgery after a few months (If we don't flip him).
  5. How has Meyer's season made them think less of him?
  6. Just make a new god damn thread!
  7. While I'm obviously not an expert on this topic, it seems like the parking/transit is going to be a nightmare at the new park. The situation seems worse than Nats Park in terms of available parking, entry/exit points to highways, and traffic flow. However, at least the Nats have the DC metro, which is one of the most efficient and widely used systems in the US whereas Miami has hardly any public transit to speak of. This sounds like it could be a lot worse than the Nats Park problem. When I went they had us park at JFK and a shuttle took us right over to the ballpark.
  8. Can't there just be a new thread of Cespedes getting signed. Why is it done this way on this board. There's 5 threads started a week the board won't get cluttered. I have to search a 34 page thread to find the actual part of the thread where him getting signed by the A's is discussed.
  9. BTW, If Marlins are on FSN and Rays on Sunshine why would there be mixed coverage in Jacksonville? If Jax is the same as Tallahassee, then you'd get just about full Marlins coverage.
  10. If you have a Brighthouse cable box you get all Marlins games in Orlando. I think in the beginning of the season Lightning games that coincide with the Marlins are shown instead of the Marlins. After that, as long as you have the box, you get the games.
  11. Logan thinks he's funny. But he's really not.
  12. First game I ever went to back in 97 vs the Pirates. I was only eight years old and I went with the whole family. I get a fuzzy feeling thinking back to when my family used to still be together, before me and my sister moved out. My parents are a little older and wouldn't even do anything like go to a game these days. I remember walking toward the outfield reserve where my father would love to sit. When I first saw the huge orange seats and the view of the field I just remember being in awe. At that point it was the best stadium in the history of baseball for if you asked me. Some other moments... Wednesday night game in 03, pretty sure ESPN was there... Willis vs Randy Johnson Livan Hernandez 15 k game vs ATL in 97. Conine-Pudge play at the plate game in 03 Yanks Marlins game 5 of World Series I'm going to miss all the great times I had with my friends growing up there. Great place to tailgate, I'm going to miss that the most. We used to just drop kegs in the parking lot in high school basically because we couldn't find any other spot to plop one that night. the night I graduated what felt like the whole class went down there and raged. Cops always knew we were underage but would always just say "Be careful guys". That place was always my sweet spot for taking girls on dates too, what better place do go, right. I live in Palm Beach county so taking them out to the games was still kind of exciting to them. I'm still glad I'm a Dolphin/Canes fan, not ready to say goodbye to that place for good.
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