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  1. Haven't posted here for a couple of years, just wanted to pop in and say, it's going to be hard listening to Preston call games. Holy shit do I miss Tommy.
  2. I hope that's not a bad injury for his sake. Also, this team will be 1000000 times harder to watch without Stanton.
  3. I hope Redmond didn't call that and it was just a dumb fucking move on Brantley's part.
  4. Man if only we could score 4 runs a game That would only work until our starting pitching comes back down to earth, or the bullpen would blow the lead... lol
  5. Coghlan is such a waste of space...
  6. Nice to see us win! Glad to see we are keeping Ruggiano in the lineup.
  7. Voted for Johnson. Very easy to register and vote in Minnesota, just showed up and filled out an application using my Driver's Licence. Don't remember if it was this easy in Florida.
  8. LMAO Logan is hilarious out there.
  9. there goes our leverage in the naming rights negotiations. This team sucks...I'm done. jk lol in reality I'm dying up here in gainesville with no marlins (won't/cant pay cox 65 bucks a month for basic cable o.O) They're gonna be fine, everyone's just trying to live up to the hype they themselves created. And failing epically lol MLB.tv is more affordable than cable, if you can pay that.
  10. what an awful f***ing idea That was so awkward...
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