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  1. This list fails without Jonathan Van Every. He strikes out too much, but he's awesome defensively and he can hit.
  2. If anyone wants perspective of the unsung firesale (I kinda like that, actually) here's how the stats shape up: How's that for perspective? Where's the part where you mention you're not including Gary Sheffield, Bobby Bonilla and Charles Johnson even though they were very clearly part of the firesale, even if it took a month into the 98 season for it to happen? Using the opening day numbers was a very impressive spin job on your part though. I give you credit for that.
  3. Well, time for everyone who hates Bonds to go flying off the Ankiel bandwagon: PALM BEACH GARDENS, Fla. - St. Louis Cardinals outfielder Rick Ankiel, baseball's feel-good story of the season, received a 12-month supply of human growth hormone in 2004 from a Florida pharmacy that was part of a national illegal prescription drug-distribution operation, the Daily News has learned. http://www.nydailynews.com/sports/baseball..._of_hgh_ne.html Hate to see anyone be hypocritical about this.
  4. Boone is killing right handed pitching (.346). He's not going to platoon with anyone. He will be the everyday 1B. If we did go with the Hammer/Gall thing that Ramp suggested, Gall would be the 1B. That's his natural position. He moved to the OF because 1B was a little bit blocked in the Cardinals organization. In all reality, Hermida is going to get Jacobs roster spot. If we put him on the DL before we're ready to call up Jeremy, whoever comes up probably won't be here long. Gall will be the backup 1B.
  5. Wasn't Julio's fault. Like Messenger or Gardner get Zimmerman out there either. Tankersley is awesome. We should totally make him the closer. I like closers who look like they don't want to be pitching.
  6. Hugg

    Shin-Soo Choo

    Choo can play some CF, but his primary spot is RF. He has an absolute cannon for an arm. Their OF is Sizemore in CF and then any combo of Dellucci/Nixon/Michaels/Choo in LF/RF. Casey Blake is playing 1B, either outright or splitting with Garko. All that said, Cleveland's not going to trade Choo. They're high on him and just protecting his development with depth around him. It's not like they signed Nixon long-term. If Choo hits, he'll get most of the playing time. Gutierrez is the odd man out, he's not even going to make the team, he'll be the one they deal if anyone. They don't have any glaring need to address and I'm pretty sure Franklin has an option left. They feel they've fixed their bullpen with Borowski, Foulke, Hernandez and Fultz. It's not like we have any short inning guys we can part with anyway. They could use someone to insure Paul Byrd, who struggled last season, but I don't know if that's something they're definitely trying to address. Most of their big time pitching are 08 maybes and Westbrook is a FA at the end of the year. If so, we're a good trading partner for them and Shapiro is pretty reasonable to deal with. It could be a good fit. But I'd cross Choo off, it's not going to happen. They have zero reason to trade him and they like him. I'm all for Franklin Gutierrez though. He's not a 100% lock to be the answer, but he's a solid bet.
  7. If you have directv/dish, and you are around at 7:30 eastern, put on Comcast Chicago and watch Wolfe do his thing. He's got a shot at 300 tonight. Maybe they'll even win a game for once eh?
  8. Yeah, I'm dropping in just to comment on this. I talked this idea up so much that Ramp went and got some info on it. :lol I so want this to happen and now, I actually think it might. We're not going to be giving up anything major for him, so it's a no-lose situation. He'll come back for 2 months, be a model of work ethic for the kids and an immediate leader and then he'll head into FA and be on his way. Doesn't hurt that he's hitting about .370 this month. Nice for Shadez to be around him for a couple months too. He strikes me as a guy JP would take under his wing. And, while it's no guarantee, JP is the kind of guy who could spark something big over the last couple months if everything clicks right. Later!
  9. Unless Borchard is hitting out of this world when Hermida comes back, I'd keep Abercrombie in center. He's played very well there after his early goofs and the same exact thing can be said about his bat. He's settled in nicely to playing everyday and has rewarded the team with production out of the 8 hole. My only issue with that is that Borchard has the higher upside of the two. I mean, yes, clearly, he's struggled as a big leaguer. But he was rated so highly for a reason.
  10. Hugg

    Joel Zumaya

    And if he's not in the rotation, he could be an elite closer.
  11. Ramley Ramley!? Come on Holly, I expect more of you.
  12. Man, our victory over them will probably look hawt on that screen.
  13. I didn't even know Brian Jordan was still in the damn league. God, I hate Moehler.
  14. Pretty double play. They better end up changing that scoring. E6 my ass.
  15. Wow MLB.TV loves to screw me over The entire service is 10 times worse than it was last season.
  16. I don't care what people say, I like Olivo, he works hard and keeps his mouth shut and I trust him more hitting than Treanor but Matt is still the man also. I like Olivo. :thumbup
  17. Big Mo Miami Hit Machine. :bases_firstbase :bases_firstandsecond :bases_loaded :bases_homerun:
  18. Took them long enough. He is the reason that team never won a championship.
  19. Hugg

    Heat Lineup

    speaking of our lineup for the nets series- VC has really torched our asses in our regular season meetings. unless riles is getting steady head from antoine, i'm thinking we're finally gonna start posey this series and relegate blockhead to bench duties. we could try attaching posey to VC's hip and see if it slows him down any. Just have Haslem pound Vince the first two times he drives the lane and then enjoy him shooting fadeaway jumpers for the rest of the evening. [/bitter raptors fan]
  20. he got bored in the minors.. I always laughed at that stupid excuse when he was still with the Sox. And of course it turned out to be true.
  21. I just bought tickets to the WWE vs. ECW show in Dayton. I'm looking forward to this whole ECW revival more than anything in wrestling in a long time.
  22. This year probably took a lot of extra work :lol Yeah, like 20 minutes even! LOL!
  23. Trent Dilfer was traded because he underminded the efforts of Charlie Frye by bashing him to teammates and pointing out his every mistake in an effort to embarrass him. The fact that the Niners got him to "tutor" Alex Smith sums up everything wrong with that franchise. Dilfer should have been cut and the fact Cleveland got something for him is commendable, as much as that makes me want to puke to say.
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