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  1. So how's the top 5 in next year's draft looking?
  2. Legit disappointed this isn't the actual video. Does that even exist anywhere anymore?
  3. Wouldn't be surprised if that's a bundle that includes all the additional accessories that were shown (headset, camera, charging dock, etc) Also wouldn't be surprised to see one bundled with a new version of PSVR
  4. Yeah that totally came out of nowhere, especially with the possible launch release. Resident Evil 8/Village got me hyped. Don't even need to hear the price. I'm in.
  5. We going back to the glory days of the Marlins with stud pitching
  6. I think this kid is a former MarlinsBaseball poster...
  7. May already came this year.
  8. So basically Meyer has better arm and command than Lacy, but Lacy has a bigger frame for a starter? Is that about right?
  9. I like the potential of an Asa Lacy pick just for his new nickname of Acey Lacy
  10. Fucking fairweather fans.
  11. I can imagine the garages have sensors to see if a space is occupied and cross-checked with the payment app to see if it was paid for.
  12. Only if a player could crash into them chasing a deep fly. Gotta turn that double into a HR.
  13. Does this work at the neighboring houses that offer cheaper parking?
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