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  1. Haven't been watching much, is the whole division just bad or are all the teams pretty equal and can't pull away?
  2. We can't have rain delays each time he gets hit.
  3. pitch count up there, but nice job
  4. Wtf Rogers is Cody Ross' cousin?
  5. Jazz is mad at the ball today
  6. 1 beer is all it takes? Man you are a cheap date
  7. Bad for your cholesterol. I worry about you
  8. Lucky Charms. On special occasions, Peanut Butter Chex
  9. The "human element" of Umps really ruin the game.
  10. I'm on there right now and its on
  12. Yikes. Well, better than Publix Park I guess. Fuck Publix
  13. After unlocking Mantle in 20, I have no further desire to do DD anytime soon. This is a skip year for me anyway, so hopefully 22 takes advantage of the PS5 even more.
  14. The one thing that makes T-Mobile Tuesdays relevant still.
  15. Voodoo Donuts, hands down. We get them every trip to Universal Studios.
  16. I do wonder if the deal would have been any different if it was still under Fox.
  17. I'm still around here when baseball season kicks in. All my hockey talk is on HFBoards lol
  18. Is it because they are banging on trash cans?
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