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  1. W....T...F... Saw the condensed game but now I'm glad I didn't torture myself through the full 9 innings. Yamamoto needs to get DFA'd ASAP. Holy hell... and what's gotten into Pablo lately? I thought he turned a new corner? Well, just some thoughts from the highlights: Happy for Jazz with his first hit AND HR. I'm starting to lean towards thinking Brinson being a better defender than Monte. Good to see him hit a HR.
  2. Dugger needs to be cleaning the clubhouse like the guy washing the truck while Holly watches.... "nice and deep-like"
  3. Guess I read that wrong lol
  4. It's been a blast! Put up that W!
  5. I got a belt that will leave her black! Hey-ooo!
  6. Yeah, he's been killing it. Saw the numbers earlier in the thread on HR and RBIs for the lineup and it's embarrassing to the other players that he's already doing better than them.
  7. Well, that was awkward...for Villar
  8. Leave the ball jokes to us, Holly
  9. Those are trash. Just marketing. Buy the Philips Norelco OneBlade Face + Body. I swear I'm not being paid for this. Much better though!
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