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  1. Seems to me like its the product of the Marlins shitty hitting development staff.
  2. Bleier, Thompson/Poteet, and Nicolas/Eder/McCambley for Angels' CF Brandon Marsh. They need pitching. Who says no??
  3. Technically he's Venezuelan (his parents are). He WAS born in Lima, Peru though. So more Arepa Power?
  4. It's not that bad. But then again, I be in the stands and not the mound. 🤷🏿‍♀️
  5. Maybe. What about Isan? He makes me cry watching him play. Why haven't the Marlins cancelled his existence?
  6. Yeah, if you watch the whole interview it softens the blow. The original tweet had just that question and answer (way worse),
  7. Found it! https://www.highschoolot.com/kahlil-watson-this-is-a-dream-come-true-im-cherishing-it-for-sure/19768193/ The question is asked at 3:11 and the response in question is at 3:20
  8. That would be the smart move. Not so sure this FO does this, though.
  9. It was Kahlil in a short video answering a question with something close to "they better have my money" or "they better give me my money" while chewing gum in a very douchey way. Don't want to dislike the guy, but that's how it comes across.
  10. I'm thinking he (or more likely, his agent) said it to coax out an offer from the Marlins - otherwise I don't think the Marlins were even thinking about doing it. It works to his benefit. He gets an extra offer and kind of sees where they're at (to make it a starting point as far as potential deals), then basically lets media and the fans view it as "cheap Marlins again" and that it just didn't work out (after all, he said he wanted to stay here - totally genuine and definitely not a strategy), then tests the FA market and gets any other team with bigger pockets to offer that 1 more year.
  11. I think he's delusional if he really thinks he's even close to guaranteeing getting 5 to 6 Million or higher next time around in the draft, let alone now. Watson ain't getting #4 slot money. Sign now, or miss the chance to get $4.5 Million, big boy.
  12. I'd be happy with Cedric Mullins. Looks like he can bunt for hits and hit for a lot of doubles. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M3Y77Ow3WWI https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bhiUwx5LLdQ
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