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  1. Same thing I was thinking after watching yesterday's game.
  2. I remember that. I was trying to will it happening into existence... but deep down I knew it wasn't going to be a good deal longterm for the team.
  3. I personally think this is the new standard to judge pitchers on, and I professionally give this virtual thumbs-up that represents my real thumbs-up ----> 👍
  4. Bold prediction, cotton! If they do get rid of all of them I can already read the "firesale Marlins at it again" headlines.
  5. I think it's time to push the brakes.
  6. What in the world possessed that man to think he should let all that out with that group?
  7. I just think you guys are both Over The Top with these puns.
  8. Alright guys, it's time for me to split.
  9. Looks like the small shred of a Marlins chance against NL East teams has ...swollen.
  10. You think they're willing to fork over 7 million on Duvall, though? I think they're hoping a prospect pans out before 2022.
  11. QbanCastillo


    Man, I need to visit Miami again... Sure, the Marlins and the family is there... but the pizza choices though!!
  12. I'm glad they went with Duvall rather than Benintendi and avoided trading prospects. Not much difference between them and I doubt Duvall stays longer than a year anyway. Too many outfielders battling for spots in the system.
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