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  1. I'm Japanese... Lol jk. Born in Cuba, raised in Las Vegas (with family in Miami) so I consider myself Cuban-American. This is a fun thread. I want the Marlins to win but I'm interested in seeing taiwanmarlins take it up next lol.
  2. It's something this team, and us fans, sorely needed.
  3. I sometimes get the log-in part, and thankfully no issue with the "watch from the beginning". I've tried Amazon FireTV stick, the new Google TV dongle, Samsung SmartTV, and online! But... Looks like it's fixed now!!.. For whatever reason... so I'll be watching a game who's results I already know lol, since at least there's no Marlins game today that'll do! Thanks, fellas. @hovertical @Major-Minor
  4. Am I the only one that wasn't able to see the full game on MLB.TV? It only offered Condensed or Recap. I tried clicking on the Rays broadcast version (it wasn't even offering the Marlins broadcast) but it says Requires additional subscription. I have MLB.TV for Marlins and I'm not out-of-market for blackouts since I'm on the west coast... Contacted MLB but trying to see if any of you came across that..
  5. Maybe he's just spoiled.
  6. Damn White Sox loves taking all the Cubans!
  7. I, too, would like to go on record as having heard of loanDepot. Read some good reviews, and seen their success. I applied with them for my refinance a few months back, but ended up with a different company.. I take it as they were too busy hammering out this deal to look at mine.
  8. Jose Devers be looking like he's hungry for a spot. He's gunning for one for sure.
  9. Such a shame. I had high hopes when I saw him in AAA against the Aviators, here in Vegas. He had a couple hits. Excited to see how he'd do in the Bigs but at this point I wouldn't be surprised if he bows out of baseball all-together within a year or 2.
  10. Sooo VVM officially a bust yet? I feel bad for him.
  11. Same thing I was thinking after watching yesterday's game.
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