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  1. Perhaps tanking to get a few more good prospects before the team is competitive next year?
  2. Get this bum (Isan) off the team.. 🤦‍♂️
  3. It works for the White Sox, maybe they can strike gold too?
  4. @Das Texan and @Michael sitting in a tree? ...
  5. Expecting Isan, who can't hit the side of a barn, to make contact on a hit & run is laughable.
  6. At least he shows the will to live while at the plate. Diaz looks like he just hopes the ball hits him in the head and ends him right there. I'm kidding of course... I'm not wishing that on no one and I'm exaggerating for effect, but MY POINT is that Diaz looks like he'd rather be anywhere but up at the plate. To me, it looks like Berti is trying to hustle a hit by any means necessary. That's the attitude we need when the offense is shit and no better replacements are available.
  7. What's he been doing that's diva-ish? I honestly don't know.. Is it the fielding errors? Cuz that's what I've been seeing. Trying to get all flashy. Just make the play... I'm not saying I'd do better but for someone who has been touted as a great fielder he's not making the plays. Why can't he be more solid like Rojas? Is Rojas really that much of a better fielder? Seems like everyone this new FO has traded for are turning into duds (not to say Jazz will be) or have some big issue here or there. Right now I'm only looking forward to Bleday and Meyer.
  8. I'm starting to lose respect for Jeter. Where is he? Nowhere to be found.. Expected at least a fake "we need to win now!" statement or something..
  9. @Ema2R said "pray harder so they bring you up!" Jesus Sanchez laughed and then said, "Ok, alright" Then Ema2R said, "we need you brother!"
  10. To add to your point: https://nypost.com/2020/06/05/marcell-ozuna-injured-after-wife-hit-him-with-soap-dish-report/ https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8392753/Wife-Braves-Marcell-Ozuna-arrested-domestic-battery-hitting-soap-dish.html She's also a domestic violence abuser. Yet, she gets no jail time, and even the order to stay away was amended...oh, and the laceration Ozuna got "wasn't serious", but hand bruising is? Double standards. They're both shitty people for doing that to each other but I can't stand when some are treated differently than others when it comes to the law.
  11. Now that's research! lol Thanks for this. This is what I was trying to figure out in another post but I didn't know where to start, let alone figure out how to inquire on "service time" and all of that sort.
  12. Well, what is the reason they're not bringing up Jesus Sanchez yet? Something to do with club-control, I read, if I'm not mistaken... Not well-versed in that.
  13. So does anyone know if Lewin's service time clock started or not? I remember he was called up and sent down a few times last year and now he's up again..
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