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  1. 2 great plays to start the game! Jazz definitely fits better at 2B
  2. TBD - just like the Marlins 2022 plans.
  3. This happens too often for Jazz... its as if he's always surprised the ball comes to him when he makes these errors. Well, time to turn off the game now. See ya guys later!
  4. Should have let the 2nd baseman get the ball rather than relying on the pitcher to come over and make a decent play.
  5. I'm gonna push back on this. Pre-Loria regime there was Cabrera, and during Loria we had Stanton (although he hasn't turned out that way due to injuries and strikeouts, he was still touted and seen as such talent). That doesn't mean I'm saying they can't find a talent like that with this ownership, but the point of frustration for many here is that there's GM-type stuff that she should have been able to do properly (such as roster management that doesn't leave the team without reinforcements) that if she has a big say so in it (along with the rest of the decision-making "team") then she's doing it badly. Her, the decision-making team, or both. She'll get the most criticism, however, due to her role (besides Jeter).
  6. Even that didn't work. That's why the Dodgers got rid of him in the first place. He was holding them down.
  7. Looks like ol' Bobby deleted the tweet. However, this is not improving my view of Ng. I understand people have lives and want to do other things besides their job but optically the fans aren't going to see this favorably. Especially since many of us have been frustrated this whole season as to the rationale of moves, or lack thereof.
  8. Best I can do is Emma Watson and a Star Trek movie? lol
  9. Very interesting, never thought about that. As far as the movie goes, here's a hint: mid-90's Disney comedy with a bunch of kids.
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