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  1. 1 hour ago, SirFishFan said:

    This is a absolutely great move.. for the 2010 Marlins.

    For the 2021 Marlins, for any new pitcher signed I rate them on the Yamamoto-Dugger scale, which is something I just invented two seconds ago as I am writing this.

    The Yamamoto-Dugger scale rates new pitchers signed based on how much of an improvement they are over those two pitchers from last year that they are replacing. Starters to Yamamoto and relief pitchers to Dugger. Scale of one to ten.

    So on the Yamamoto-Dugger scale I give Gio Gonzalez a 9.0 rating. So I like it!











    P.S. Yes you did just spend a minute of your time reading all that nonsense I just wrote. 😂

    I personally think this is the new standard to judge pitchers on, and I professionally give this virtual thumbs-up that represents my real thumbs-up  ---->  👍

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  2. 1 hour ago, SongInTheAir said:

    3. BUYERS OR SELLERS: Sellers (guys like Aguilar, Cooper, Duvall, Yimi, Bass, and Marte gone at the deadline)

    Bold prediction, cotton!

    If they do get rid of all of them I can already read the "firesale Marlins at it again" headlines.

  3. 5 hours ago, SilverBullet said:

    Don't count on Duvall leaving just yet. He could very well be here in 2022 since both Dickerson and Marte are likely gone. So even if the 2022 outfield has a couple of fresh faces like Bleday and Monte, Duvall could very well be the transitional veteran outfielder that sticks around. 

    You think they're willing to fork over 7 million on Duvall, though? I think they're hoping a prospect pans out before 2022.

  4. 5 hours ago, Michael said:


    I'm glad they went with Duvall rather than Benintendi and avoided trading prospects. Not much difference between them and I doubt Duvall stays longer than a year anyway. Too many outfielders battling for spots in the system.

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  5. 10 hours ago, SilverBullet said:

    I should probably take back my earlier anger towards him. The wording of what went down sound a little insulting to the Marlins but Kintzler seemed like a good dude last year and there are always multiple factors involved in making a decision like this. The Marlins not picking up his option months ago gave Kintzler and his family an opportunity to look at all their options and they gotta go with what they feel is best for them. No need for hard feelings.

    Nah nah, wait til I catch him in the streets here. It's on Kintzy!

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  6. On 2/9/2021 at 7:13 PM, SilverBullet said:

    I mean, eh, sometimes for some variety but that wouldn't be my go to option. 

    CiCis is bad all around. That feels like the bottom of the barrel cheapest and lowest quality pizza around. Cardboard with cheese on it. I've noticed it's worlds better if you get a fresh pie right out  of the oven but it's mostly not good.  

    I was thinking Pizza Hut! Buffalo sauce, instead of marinara... combine it with pepperoni, bacon, and onions.. Delicious, although it'll leave you very thirsty.


    PLAYER PREDICTIONS                     

    1. MVP:   Sandy

    2. BREAKOUT MARLIN:  Isan 

    3. BEST UTILITY:  Berti

    4. UNSUNG HERO: Harold

    5. FIELDERS CHOICE:   Miggy Ro

    6. YOU'RE BUSTED:  Brinson



    1. W/L RECORD:  70-92


    3. BUYERS OR SELLERS:  Buyers


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