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  1. Rest in piece? They're dead, what else are they going to do? lol (Not trying to sound like an ass, by the way lol) I feel bad for the family, they must be taking it hard. Sucks to see this happen. Who was the criminal that the Marlins got...or traded for?
  2. I know it may seem (since Im posting it now) that Im only writing it cuz they are ahead now.. but I believe the teams that are currently ahead right now will win their Division Series... who I want to win is slightly different... I want the Brewers and the Cubs to win but I still think the Phillies,Dodgers,Red Sox,and Rays will take it. I believe that in the end it's going to be Red Sox vs. Phillies. Let's see if Im right!
  3. Good stats, in my opinion. Notice how Brewers are #15 (Middle of the list) in Team Payroll while Marlins are last and yet in Total Wins we are #15...people would expect us to be last.. I think it shows that although they don't get paid as much, they still manage wins with skill and heart! Gotta love the Marlins!
  4. All points aside, he's a hitting BEAST..all I got to say!
  5. I somehow knew the White Sox would take it. They wanted it more it seems.. but great game. I was pumped and was cheering on the Sox from the beginning. I usually get bored when it involves teams I really dont care about but these two games really got me excited for the postseason. Great ending to the tiebreaker game as well, diving catch! How about that Alexei Ramirez Grand Slam on Monday? :thumbup Must be them super human Cuban skills! :cool
  6. Hahaha funny sig. Props! :thumbup
  7. its funny how all you sht bags say we deserved what the marlins did, but the marlins ARE a bunch of classless lowlives...they've done NOTHING IN 5 YRS...other than win on the last day of the season against the mets...THATS THEIR BIG CLAIM TO FAME...their high water mark....they just like their fan base, like their announcers are pathetic losers who on their best day can onlt hope to be the spoiler because they arent good enough to be the real winner Talkin out his/her ass, i see. Well if a WS win is nothing what would you call what the Mets have done so far? Hah..5 years? The Mets ha
  8. Im still not comfortable with Miller or Anibal.. I hope we keep Olsen though.
  9. ...we'll have a huge rivalry formed. Two years in a row. I have a few friends that are Mets fans and I hear the desperation and fear in their voices, they are in panic mode. They would certainly hate us for it! Muahahahaha Join me in my hilariously,wicked evil laugh..will ya? Muahahahaa
  10. Uggla's walkoff grand slam against the Phillies. I second that. Hell yes, that was a nice one.
  11. I respect those who respect me and my team.. so a thumbs up to them posters! :thumbup
  12. Cheers indeed, my friend! :beer good and FUN season, no doubt.. regardless if we make it or not..always a next year!
  13. Err..... Let's go FISH! Let's knock the *WIND* outta them Astros and make it a 8-game streak!! :horse :marlins
  14. Woohoo! Marlins OWNED! Good win. :wave
  15. Happy to see they got a 4-game winning streak. It's always better than the 2-game winning streak we we're stuck on for a while. Hope this can start rolling and turn into a longer one.
  16. Anibal is still coming back from a tough injury, its ok that he isnt playing 100%. No reason to shut him down unless something is hurting. Otherwise its good that he pitches so he can slowly regain his form. I think he's altered his delivery a little because of the injury and I think his location is off as a result. His breaking ball is hanging a bit more also. I think he will eventually get it together as his shoulder gets stronger and the muscle memory returns. As long as he's not having pain I think its ok to let him pitch but don't overwork him in games. I agree with these fellas (or
  17. Idk about anyone else, If it was me... i'd apologize personally to every hitter I didnt mean to hit.. sure, it's easy to tell which ones were intentional! lol..but I think courtesy goes a long way.
  18. seeing as i don't own a ps3 i can't tell you if the show is any good, i have 360 but mlb 2k8 is great! I saw a fix for the sliders and the game plays just like in real life it's amazing. no hitting 50 homeruns a game or pitching shutouts every time, it's the real thing. I'd have to say that 08: The Show is pretty realistic as well. I have gone through like 15 seasons on normal difficulty in Road To The Show and have YET to have a perfect game, or a no-hitter. Even shutouts are hard, and umpires dont always make the right calls at the plate with balls and strikes like in real life. In al
  19. I used to be a 2K fan before they started f***in it all up. '08:The Show was the first one from the series I have played/bought and its great. Besides all the extra/bonus fun little things to add.. one thing that DEFINITELY should be added is.. COLLISION DETECTION.. im pretty sure everybody knows that in real life baseball players dont pass right THROUGH first basemen like ghosts as they're trying to make it to first....or stealing second, etc.
  20. What's the point of naming it "OTHER"? Are they trying to start problems or what? That really pisses me off. As if those two are the only that matter in that division. I have no idea why they hate the Marlins either.. i mean is it the World Series wins? Cuz if its that, then the reason why they like the Cubs is justifiable! :mischief
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