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  1. Hmm interesting. When you go on the actual schedule and click on the little stars that tell you what promotion is happening it doesn't say anything about that on either of those dates. I will have to further investigate, lol. Thank you for the link!
  2. Last I heard it was up in the air if there was going to be one this year or not. Today on the way home from work I could swear that I heard something on the radio about Bark at the Park taking place in June, but I didn't see anything on the official site on the promotions schedule. Anyone know if I heard correctly, and if so when is it going to be? Thanks.
  3. OMFG I hate the MLB and their stupid ass blackout rules!! I can't listen to the game on the radio online!!!
  4. What radio station is the game on today? I'm at work.
  5. Only thing that sucks about that is they will be on with Kathie Lee and Hoda, YUCK!!! Otherwise *thumbsup*
  6. f***ing Bell. Overpaid fat loser. I always hated him before, I put my support beind him when he became a Marlin, but clearly it was for nothing......
  7. Anyone hearing anything about when the Openind Day tickets are going on sale to the public? I'm getting a 20-game weekend package so luckily I don't have to worry about mine :dancehead but some of my co-workers and family members have been asking if I knew when the general public date was.
  8. I actually love the design of the logo, but HATE the colors.
  9. Anyone willing to wear Marlins gear around town at this point? Absolutely. My team is my team no matter what.
  10. we're not a playoff team if vazquez and volstad are starting 40% of our games. both have been horrible, but volstad probably has a slightly better chance of getting his act together. vazquez...stick a fork in him. the back end of the rotation is holding this team back. This.
  11. Is he mourning the loss of his ability to pitch?
  12. Happy that we got the win and took the series, but SO f***ING PISSED that JJ gets robbed of his win.
  13. ^^^ I was at the game last night, but I was in Sec. 153
  14. ^^^ Same exact thing here. So pissed. Especially since I have to work all day tomorrow and can't watch that game either, and they have an off day monday. THIS IS NOT HOW I LIKE TO START A SEASON. :mad
  15. Buck - Chutes & Ladders/Korn Hanley - Down On Me/50 Cent Those are the only 2 I remember from last night
  16. ^^^ As long as it's in OUR own stadium, made just for BASEBALL it's fine with me!!!
  17. It's not just the guide saying that for me, on SS the Rays game is on and on FS the Panthers game is on. UGH!!! NOT a f***ing happy girl right now! Comcast is about to get an earful.
  18. Isn't tonights game televised? I live in WPB, and I have the Panthers on FS-FL and the Rays on Sun, WTF? Anyone know what's going on? Or where I can watch the game?
  19. DAMMIT! I live freakin 15 minutes from there and I will be out of town this weekend, grrrrr......
  20. God it would be AMAZING if this happened. I'd probably tear up when he took the mound, no joke.
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