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  1. You underestimate the poor bastard, he was 0-11 with a walk. And 2 errors in about 32 innings.
  2. Nothing amazing about it, I'm not going to waste any time engaging a factual vacuum. I'm not a Jew, but I certainly understand how they must feel as they encounter one clueless moron after another who have been spoon-fed total BS and believe every word of it. You want to write a book to educate this sorry excuse for a "debater" who has no answer to any fact other than to regurgitate yet more propaganda? Feel free. I've got better things to do.
  3. As long as he's gregarious. And changes at least his first name. I was kidding about that "is he any good" thing. He ain't great, but he's better than most of the stuff we have kicking around the MI. Not to mention cheap.
  4. Yes, but is Gregorius gregarious? And his first name should be Greg or Gregor or Gregory. And his middle initial G. How did his parents miss that? Being Dutch is no excuse. "Mariekson Julius" doesn't cut it. "Didi" doesn't cut it just because you don't like your name. Change it. Triple G. Or at least "GG." Have a little style or flair or something. Is this guy any good? :lol
  5. Dude, when you don't have even a remotely passing acquaintance with reality, you're completely and totally hopeless. You're entitled to your own opinion, but not to your own facts. BS propaganda, which you seem to have sucked up in vast volumes doesn't count. Thus, I won't be bothering further with you, it's a waste of time. You should face-palm yourself.
  6. The guy you link to is a Pali propagandist who calls Israelis "conniving rats" -- see, the anti-Semitism always, always leaks through no matter how hard they try to hide it, they just can't help themselves -- and apparently you're too gullible to be able to distinguish utter rubbish from reality. For instance, "the agreement between hamas and abbas accepting a two state solution & recognition of Israel" is just internal Pali propaganda. Let me know when Hamas -- designated by the US government as a terrorist organization -- changes their charter which explicitly calls for the destruction of Israel. Until that happens, anything they say is meaningless. The "'67 borders" will never be the basis for anything, they're not defensible. No "right of return" will ever be a part of any agreement, Israel is a Jewish state and intends to remain one. Israel is already about 25% Arab, and that's about how it will remain. The answer to your question is very simple and obvious: the Palestinians. See, when you constantly try to kill Israelis and attack Israel, your access to everything is going to be restricted and monitored. There's a naval blockade because the Israelis have no desire to allow Iran and Hezbollah to ship rockets directly to Hamas by sea. Instead, the terrorists running Hamas tunnel into Sinai and smuggle them in. They also tunnel into Israel so they can kill Israelis and take Israeli hostages. Apologists for the Palis whine about not enough concrete for Gaza. What has maybe 90% of the concrete imported been used for? To build tunnels. I'll guess that from now on, every ton will have to have a destination like a road or a building and actually have to be used for that purpose. Israel captured Gaza and all of the Sinai peninsula, along with the West Bank and the Golan Heights in the '67 war. They gave the Sinai back to Egypt to make peace, but Egypt may wish the Israelis had kept it, Sinai causes them nothing but problems. The Golan will never be given back, it's important Israeli defensive territory. West Bank is negotiable, but you have to have a negotiating partner who will actually agree (and mean it) that you have a right to exist. Israel ran Gaza -- their territory as a result of the '67 war -- for 38 years. Then they unilaterally uprooted their own settlers and left the Palis there to their own devices. What did the Gazans do? They elected Hamas. Not a good idea to elect a bunch of terrorists if you care about building a functioning society. Just as it wasn't a good idea for the Arabs to start wars they lost. Best thing that can happen now is Israel completely wipes out Hamas and all of their rockets and tunnels. If not, the same crap of rocket and tunnel attacks will happen again in a few months or years.
  7. What? He doesn't. It was a throw-away attempt at humor. Although, he might be tired of the relentless local media attacks. For Loria, in his quest for another WS it's the bottom of the 7th and he's down 5-0. He blows this chance and he'll shortly wind up in the bottom of the 9th with 2 outs and an 0-2 count.
  8. 3.5 games. But BOS has a bunch of expensive guys and we have mostly minimum wage guys. Or close to it, with a few exceptions.
  9. The question is defining what Loria can "afford." We know he has the entire ~25 mill bump in the national TV contract available, yearly, plus the 25 mill he didn't spend this year. Assuming that he's now happy with making up most of the remainder of the 59 mill loss from '12 by not spending the 25 mill bump for this year, he's left with the 25 mill/year on an ongoing basis. Trout signed for essentially 24/yr, Stanton would probably be worth similar money, give or take, so can Loria "afford" to blow it all on one guy? May be. He would certainly contribute to attendance, he will be joined by Jose again next year, plus Yelich, Ozuna and the rest of the SPs make for a pretty good core. Cishek and the BP guys? Who knows, they come and go, but many of them will probably be here next year. 7/175. Or something like that. What I'm hoping is that there will be a deal that will pay 5 mill+/yr for the naming rights to "Marlins Park" and provide some money to plug the infield holes. Even without a naming-rights deal, even marginally better attendance throws off significant revenue from ticket sales, concessions, parking, merchandise, etc. That also can pay for a FA or two. Lastly, Loria has to know that he's not likely to ever see another guy like Stanton come through the system. If so, he really can't afford NOT to make a bet on Stanton if he wants to win, it may be his last chance. Not to mention that he's probably sick and tired of twerps like Rosenthal ragging on him.
  10. Ah, yes, the immoral muck of moral equivalence. Israel withdrew unilaterally from Gaza in 2005 -- OK, we're gone, you can govern yourselves. Have at it, we wish you the best, just leave us alone. We'll sell you all the electricity you need and anything else you want as long as you don't attack us. They left behind thousands of greenhouses which produced flowers and vegetables for export. What happened to them? All destroyed and looted. Hamas was elected in 2006. Hundreds of millions in aid have since flowed in to Gaza. Was it used to build a government and a functioning peaceful civil society? No, they built tunnels, smuggled arms and, of course, 15 or 20% off the top went to line the pockets of Hamas leaders. Functioning government? Civil society? Nah, we don't need that. We want to destroy Israel. Tunnels and rockets, baby! Hamas tries to kill as many Israeli civilians as it can, that's what they do. It's their entire reason for existing. At the same time, they want as many dead Palestinians as possible. Which is why they store and fire rockets in and from schools and mosques and other civilian sites (including UN sites) subject to attack -- all for media effect. Oh, look! A dead Palistinian! Israel bad! Israel evil! Never mind that the Palistinian is dead solely because of Hamas, sometimes to include misfiring rockets. Hamas obviously doesn't give a crap about what happens to any individual Palistinian, they only care about destroying Israel and publicity they can spin to that interest. Israel tries to protect its own civilians from Hamas rocket fire and also tries to protect Palestinians by warning them before Hamas locations are going to be attacked. Sometimes called "knocking on the roof." Drop a harmless charge on a building to let them know that really bad, nasty stuff is coming soon. And by e-mail, telephone or social media. They warn their targets. Could the contrast be any more striking or the moral equivalence any more nonexistent?
  11. OK. What constitutes an attempt to justify their actions "to the point of irrationality"? Just so you know where I'm coming from, if I'm the elected leader of a country (say Israel) and one of my (many) enemies (say Hamas) whose founding documents flat-out state their intent to destroy my country (something they refuse to disavow) and then they fire thousands of rockets intended to kill as many random civilians as possible (even if they aren't any good at it because I have good defenses) and build hundreds of tunnels to infiltrate my country so that they can kidnap citizens and hold them for ransom, I'm not going to sit by and do nothing about it. Could be any country, could be any enemy. Nobody in their right mind does nothing about blatant acts of war. Is taking action against the perpetrators (or defending it) rational? At what point does "justifying it" become irrational?
  12. Hmm. I have never gotten into any discussion of any kind with any "young earth creationist" or any bible-thumper of any kind. Or, for that matter any religious discussion of any kind. Or any discussion of abortion. There's no point. I'm agnostic -- not anti-religion -- people can believe whatever they want, no skin off my butt. I have no time for the arguments of organized religion. And very little for even disorganized quasi-religion, say of the environmentalist/warmist/alarmist/we're all gonna die stripe. But, I wonder what you mean by "gaga" as in "I sometimes forget how gaga the people in this country are over Israel."
  13. Yeah, I sent it on to Admin B, no, wait, he's not here anymore, right? I forgot. I sent it to Dave. Dave says the embezzlement conviction wasn't a deal-breaker, but the stautory rape thing might be a slight problem. Other than that, looks great!
  14. Funny stuff. One post and the BABIP, how did the writer put it? Fairy? is back. Could be true. Even likely to be true. Regression eventually and always happens. The question is when. I'd be the last guy to dispute it. I've been a numbers guy my whole life. I was writing code at age 15 when the nearest computer was a Pillsbury mainframe accessible by a 1" paper-tape teletype terminal from my high school. 47 years ago. I've been trading markets for the same period of time. Yeah, back then I wasn't yet legal and had to put my mom on the phone to tell the broker to carry out my instructions. (He eventually got tired of that nonsense and didn't bother.) Point is, sometimes players, like markets go much further up or down than makes any sense at all. When it comes to markets, the saying is "the market can remain irrational longer than you can remain solvent." The upshot of that being "don't buck the trend." When it comes to players, just like markets, there are always outliers that go much further than anyone thought possible. McGehee may be one of those guys. Doesn't happen very often, but it does happen.
  15. LOL. Has the writer been reading this board? Nah, nobody here has ever said that he can't keep it up or his BABIP had to go down. Here we are 97 games in and he's been hitting 290-320 all year and slugging 380-400 all year. The guy has become a machine. Gosh, maybe he's changed his approach or something. And is sticking to it.
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