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  1. I think he was talking about Adeiny's bunt hit I was. Great bunt and all just it's what keeps the fo believing that he'll be fine.
  2. That's the kinda crap they'll use to justify keeping him around.
  3. The Twine kid looks like a kid who was just so much more athletic than his HS peers. Def needs some refining. Swing looked horribly long. But that's all just based on some 60 sec video of him.
  4. Rodon is supposedly gonna be seeking a bonus for over 6 million. If we take a him and he gets a huge bonus I see him coming up in the 2nd half.
  5. I want to see a position players take the hill.
  6. Jose Fernandez /randy wolf, really who can tell the difference.
  7. As much as I didn't want this to happen I gotta say I saw it coming. I have a post some where calling it. Straight gas or a wipe out slider every pitch had to take a toll.
  8. Sometimes instead of a noticeable drop in velocity guys lose control and it's a sign of elbow problems or something else serious.
  9. I didn't get to watch the last game he pitched but was he all over the place with bad velocity? An mri can't be good and isn't for the food poisoning he had.
  10. Wasn't it Loria who worked Dobbs' deal out all himself before the season ended?
  11. I'm confused. Posts here and there about wc standings and people seem surprised when we lose. We're gonna lose a pretty good amount. Just hope we don't suck as much as we did last year.
  12. Wonder who's decision this was? I feel like Red made it but I'm not sure.
  13. I really can't believe (well I can) we our sitting our 24yr second baseman who's hitting and is a lefty for Solano with a righty on the mound. I guess that guy who came around last year and thought Solano was the greatest thing since sliced bread is happy.
  14. dom2613


    I use the reddit sub reddit dfsports. http://ml.reddit.com/r/dfsports/#ml It helps. If I have learned anything, it's to pay up for the pitchers. It does bother me they get 4 points or something if they get the win. Though Scherzer is kind screwing me today.
  15. I feel like Randy Quiad from Major league is appropriate now. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xAZU6DYwTDM
  16. The bullpen is what f**ked us up all right. I hate everything about the nats, especially the broadcasters and fans, they make me sick You and me both. They are biased as hell. I understand some favoritism but they're over the top.
  17. Guys, it's obvious. The shorter the game the sooner they can shut everything off in the stadium and save money on electric and such.
  18. If the Marlins were being fan friendly they wouldn't have jacked up the prices for an exhibition game. Or just refund the fans the difference they paid. HAhahahaha.
  19. The players could take this as a "shot" at them but anyone should be able to figure out Henry's comment was directed at Loria and the FO.
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