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  1. Reminder not to drink Cuban coffee anytime soon.
  2. I know nothing about any of these players, so I like the trade lol
  3. Mish says another trade coming
  4. I mean, someone has to want them.
  5. 2022 is the absolute earliest was what i thought
  6. I'm not gonna pretend that I have been following the team and prospects closely the past couple of years, so I can't say I completely hate or love this trade considering I don't know much about Gallen or our depth. I actually assumed we still have crappy pitching prospects outside of Sixto. I do think it's a smart trade to make that won't hurt us too much if Jazz becomes the next Hechavarriea (not bothering to look how to spell it correctly)
  7. Yeah he deleted it at first because fuck him.
  8. Wouldn't say that. Just a surprising move is all, considering how Chisolm has slid a bit
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