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  1. gizmo

    New Logo Coming

    I do like that white cap mockup
  2. gizmo

    Home Run Sculpture is going bye bye

    It's really annoying me that people are now criticizing the org. for removing this sculpture. We were mocked hard for this shit when it came out and everyone said how it did not belong in a baseball field. I'm like actually pissed.
  3. gizmo

    Home Run Sculpture is going bye bye

    Seems like people honestly want to bitch no matter what we do because lol Marlins
  4. gizmo

    Home Run Sculpture is going bye bye

    Team also to change their name to "Florida Marlins"
  5. gizmo

    New Logo Coming

  6. gizmo

    New Logo Coming

    Please have teal in it. That's all I ask.
  7. Would suck if the Orioles end up signing them all
  8. I don't really know anything about the Mesas. What are their comparables or ceiling?
  9. gizmo

    2019 Enhancements to Ballpark Experience

    Cool. International. Something
  10. We're allowed to trade for pool money? Shocking.
  11. gizmo

    Marlins trade Ziegler to D-Backs for Tommy Eveld

    We got the singer from System of a Down?
  12. gizmo

    2018 Draft

    Apparently Scott is already signed

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